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Guest Posts – Write For Your Auto Space

Your Auto Space welcomes well-written guest articles about maintenance tips, car reviews & buyer's guide, car ownership, car culture or the automotive industry in general.

However, there are a few house rules which you need to be aware of before submitting your article for publication.

We accept quality guest articles which are feature or opinion pieces, rather than news or reviews.

We receive dozens of guest post submissions every week, most of which are poorly written and/or do not attempt to address the requirements below. These will be ignored, and repeatedly sending the same thing through will not magically get your article approved. It’s also worth having a read of this article before submitting a guest post. Make our lives easier and your content will go live much more quickly.

Articles must be orginal, Interesting, unique (pass Copyscape and must be 100% genuine), automotive related content, have least 3 quality images relate topic and minimum 1000 words.​

Article must be written follow SEO article, have title, short description, include keyword (Volume search minimum 50).

We reserve the right to edit or amend all guest articles as necessary for publication. If the author is unhappy with any of the edits made, the article will be withdrawn.

Guest blogs will only be accepted from authors who provide full details of who they are, and who they are representing. Blog requests from “example21@gmail.com” or similar with no further explanation will be ignored. If you represent a business or another website, please declare it up front rather than pretending you just really like writing about cars and would just love to be featured on Your Auto Space …

Guest articles must contribute useful and impartial information to a topic, and not be construed as advertising in any way for an organisation or person.

Guest articles are not filler material to provide links back to your client’s site. We will analyse any external links provided to determine whether they are acceptable and relevant for the article and for our website. If an external link to your client is required, please declare this as part of your submission. We reserve the right to add or replace any internal or external links to guest articles.

DO NOT ACCEPT Anchor Text which is the Buyer Keyword (best, review, for sale, cheap …)

If you want to guest post in out site, first, you need to contact us. Tell us your site, keyword, seach volume of keyword. We'll review your site (backlink, DA, PA, Ahrefs...), if your site good enough and we love your keyword then you can order content. When the content is ready, sent it to us, we'll check and post in our site (with your link inside, of course!)

If you can meet the above requirements please contact me.