Why Your Car Overheats after Turning on The AC?

Imagine that you are driving your on a warm summer holiday, but then it begin to overheat unexpectedly and you could not run the AC at all.

How annoying could that is. In general, AC or air conditioning is an element that makes owners drive their cars more comfortably. In addition, it is also used regardless of the weather conditions whether it is snowy, rainy, cold or hot.

But in some situations, car owners often complain about overheating because of using the AC.

Why would this problem happen? In this article, we will give you the possible answers for why a car overheats after turning on the AC.


Why Does Your Car Overheat?​

In general, there are a couple of possible causes why the AC is making your car overheat, the followings are the most potential reasons:​

One of the most common causes for an overheated automobile is that it is not working properly. For example, it would possibly be the leakage of the radiator, which needs to refill the water in a short time. As time goes by, the tube of the radiator would be corroded. Although the cooling liquid provides elements to help prevent corrosion at the beginning, it would get ineffective for a long period.

In addition, a car would be overheated when it is not moving or running in slow pace. The main reason would be probably the shortage of air flow from the radiator. Fortunately, you could solve this problem easily by taking care of the fan switch, fan clutch and fan assembly, then replace them if there is any problems. In some cases, the radiator also needs to be free of leaves or trash.

In times, if you use the gas in air conditioning that is not appropriate for a specific model of car, it would lead to inefficient process of cooling down .

The path of air flows from the outside to the motor could play an important part in making your car overheat. More specifically, this problem would emerge when hot flows of air rather than the cold one and make the engine in your car overheat.A thermostat device, which is not working properly, would be also a potential cause for overheating when your car is moving at a normal speed. The actual reasons would come from defective cap of radiator, broken radiator or low levels of needed cooling liquid. Also remember to pay attention to the frequency of cleaning a radiator.


What Should You Do?

If your car is facing a problem with overheating while moving on the road, you could do as the following steps:

Firstly, turn the engine off and turn the heater on in complete blast in order that the heat would be pulled out from the cooling elements to the fresh air of your car. While doing this step, you may need to be out of your automobile.

The next step is to turn the air conditioning off. Make the engine idle for several minutes and after that turn the engine off. Check and try to tackle any mentioned problems above that you could solve easily. If you would not be able to do this, then the best choice is to take your car to a professional auto service. In addition, always remember to keep the air conditioning turning off when you are driving it to a repairing station.

In conclusion, there are a couple of useful rules to prevent overheating problems from happening such as taking the proper cooling elements for your model of car, using a thermostat with high quality and applying distilled water rather than the usual one.

For those who do not have so much experience in repairing a car, they just need to take the car to a professional expert in proper time and find out common symptoms of overheating issues before it damages your car.


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