Why Your Car Makes a Whining Sound When You Accelerate?

For many people, car is not only a means of transport, but also a precious possession. Especially those who love driving tend to pay special attention to every single detail and make sure everything remain updated.

Nevertheless, with frequent use over the time, problems start happening such as fluctuating elements, wear and tear, which could have negative effect on the normal functioning of different parts. In some serious situations, the whole mechanism would get troubled or even interrupted.

Sometimes, there would be a whining noise when accelerating, which is caused by some potential reasons. In this article, we will show you several possible causes and also discuss different treatments or precautions to solve this issue and enjoy the comfort of a long drive.


What Does a Whining Sound Mean?​

In general, this is a really common problem which is extremely irritating and annoying. But have you ever ask: “Why does a car make a whining sound?”

Even though it often happens, most drivers experience this kind of problem in the most unexpected situation. Each time they start, the car starts making noises and awake their neighbors in the midnight, which is really embarrassing as well as disturbing for anyone.

When answering this question, there would be some aspects and possibilities included leading to the same irritating sound. At times, your vehicle would have a problem with the transmission or low fluid level in the steering wheel, which eventually result in such creaky noise. Another possible cause might be an issue with the wheel bearing since it would be tapered to make rising sound when you speed up the car.

In fact, it is often a little bit challenging to find out the accurate reason for this common problem until you have the car all checked by a professional expert. This would turn into a mysterious problem as well and could take you many days before figuring out the actual cause or the exact faulty parts that lead to whining noise when you accelerating.

No matter how experienced or expert you would be, detecting the accurate faulty part or exact reasons for these whining noises could be a little bit tricky and difficult. So, we will show you a list of some common causes that might lead to whining sound in your car when speeding up:​

    • Problems with Transmission

This is definitely one of the most common causes that result in the rising sounds in your vehicle when accelerating. While the transmission fluids is low and the gears of your car wear down after constant use, you would avoid such issues by having your vehicle checked on a frequent basis. Anyway, this aspect could be examined after you speed up and then bring the car to a halt to find the exact time when your vehicle is producing the sounds.

We strongly suggest a thorough check-up for the transmission to find out the exact reason.​

    • Faulty Steering

You also need to check whether the sound happens when you are turning the steering wheel. If this occurs, then it would be probably at fault. In other words, the steering‘s belt would have gone loose, which is one of the causes for the sound. To solve this problem, you can have the belt tightened.

    • ​Issues withEngine

There would be many faults as well as troubles in the engine which would also result in the rising noises in your vehicle. In general, this will depend mostly on the kind, engine make as well as model of a car. So the best solution is getting it all examine by a mechanic.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there would be numerous other possible causes for whining noise when you speed up your car. Nevertheless, you can’t do anything until you have the whole systems examined for apt fitment and quality.

A couple of the other main causes that would lead to whining noise when accelerating would be:​

    • Leakage in power steering system.
    • Loose belt.
    • Leakage in the exhaust system.
    • The power steering pump would carry low level of fluid or be faulty.


There are actually no certain short diagnostics since a vehicle is comprised of various complex mechanism and components. All that you could do about it is recording the different sounds and finding out the accurate location which they come from. In other words, you need to get your vehicle properly examined by a professional mechanic to analyze the entire system and identify the exact location as well as reason for the noises.

Most mechanics are equipped with recording device that could definitely help them in determining the precise causes. No matter how challenging you expect to get through, the rising noises are undoubtedly not at all a simple task to identify and repair.

However, always bear in your mind all of the possible causes, you should take necessary steps and also spend time getting your vehicle examined for tear, wear and quality and also have the frequent maintenance tasks done. This will make sure that you are making suitable preventive measure to keep your car in its best condition.​


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