When Should You Wash Your Car?

Have you ever stopped the car in front of a store or your office just to return and find out that anyone has just written a message: “wash me, please”?

This is rather a funny situation when this text is located on somebody else’s vehicle, but it is also really disappointed to know that you are the owner of this dirty car.

However, you would ignore washing the car due to a busy with a busy calendar and more essential plans to do.


All of these call for the questions: when should you wash the car? In this useful guide, we would help you answer this question in full detail.

Why Would You Need to Wash a Car?​

Different from popular practice, washing a car does not only provide aesthetic advantages, it also guarantees the value and integrity of the car.

More clearly, there are a lot of contaminants in surrounding environment such as pollutant, plant sap, street salt, pigeon droppings, dead bug, pollen, grime, dust and dirt.

Those forms of contaminant will gradually destroy the exterior of the car over the time, and they also make any metal surfaces rusted. This is the reason why you should wash the car regularly.​

4 Factors to Consider​

While several experts think that an owner need to wash his car each week, others believe that 1 or 2 times a month is enough. In general, before making a decision on the proper schedule to wash a car, you should take those following elements into consideration:

1. Neighbourhood: Which place does the car spend the most of its time?​

Are you living or working in a city, a village, or coastal area? Every of these places has its own forms of contaminant which you need to notice.​

​City area usually has excessive levels of pollution in air, which is caused by industrial factories, construction site and cars. Mixed with other forms of contaminant such as pigeon dropping could damage the exterior of your car, so you need to wash it every week. Moreover, pollutants would combine with rain to create acid rain so that you need to wash your car with clean water afterwards.

Areas with plants such as forest, park and city street, pose the plant sap to your car. This could damage and stain the exterior part. On the other hand, coastal areas have salt in the air, which could make the under parts rusted if they are left on for a long time. In all of the mentioned situation, it is highly recommended to wash your car every week.

2. Travel: How frequently do you use the car and which forms of contaminant would you meet on the road?​

If you use the car every day, you make it exposed to a constant flow of contaminants which would lead to discoloring and damaging the exterior parts.

Droppings of birds and dead bugs in particular could stick firm to the exterior part if they are left for a long time. As a result, it is probably impossible for you to clean them without resulting in damage.

If you expose the car to those contaminants, it is advisable to wash it each week. In contrast, if the frequency of exposing to the contaminants is low, then you could do this 1 or 2 times a month.

3. Weather: Does it rain or is it sunny?​

Heat from the sun would speed the damage made by contaminant up since it would destroy the wax protection of your car, which works as a protective layer. In addition, moisture after the rain would make your car rusted a lot quickly.

Thus, if you are living in any places with snow, rain or heavy sunlight, it is strongly suggested to wash your car frequently.

4. Storage: Where do you park your car when it is not used?​

As you could guess, parking a car in a confined area would lower the risk of being exposed to the contaminants, thus you would wash your car fewer.​



Use those useful tips to decide if you need to wash your car each week or each month. Moreover, make sure to remove all of droppings, sap and bugs every day since it would help to avoid serious scratch and damage for your car.​

Useful Tips to Wash Your Car​

There are a lot of things that you should consider while washing a car. Following these tips would help you to keep the car in good condition for a long time.

  • 1. Always use washing shampoo for car, not household cleaning substances. It is made particularly for removing grime and dirt without damaging the appearance of your car.
  • 2. Never wash a car while it is still hot or under sunny conditions.
  • 3. Use the sponges for your wheel and tire.
  • 4. Use a microfiber cloth to make your car dry. It helps to avoid any dirt from surrounding environment.

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Use the mentioned information above to decide when should you wash the car. If you use it frequently, then you should wash it every week. Here are a quick summary:

  • 1. Decide the exact time to wash your car depending on the mentioned elements above.
  • 2. Clean your car every day if there are plant saps, bugs or droppings.
  • 3. Effectively and carefully wash the car to get the best results.

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