What Should You Know About a Spoon Engine?

If you are a fan of famous series “Fast and Furious”, then the word “spoon engine” might be familiar to you. In fact, there are a lot of auto forums trying to give the most accurate definition of a spoon engine. However, it is often impossible to give a clear answer or see a picture of this type of engine. So what is actually a spoon engine and does it even exist or just in movie industry?

In fact, the spoon engine does exist in your car. And the manufacturer has been established for more than 4 decades until now. This type of engine is called spoon simply because it is created by a sport engine manufacturer in Japan known as Spoon Sports. The specialization of this company is the normally aspirated (non-supercharged or non-turbocharged) high output engines of Honda.


In general, this type of internal combustion engine is made with high performance as well as highly expensive price. Spoon Sports company deals in aftermarket motor elements, but the reason for their prominence in the market would be their engine sets, which are developed for standard car models of Honda models such as Acura Integra, S2000, Accord and Civic. The main concept behind remodeling a Spoon engine is to help one of these Honda models above to operate as fast as possible.

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Further Information on The Spoon Engine​

As mentioned above, Spoon Sports does not actually make motors from some basic elements as usual, but remodels current engine models of Honda with its own elements. In addition, the company defines the desire for its motors as “spoonerism”. This symbolizes the most important quality of driving, which is the speed.

According to the business philosophy of Spoon Sports, its ideas of remodeling are developed from the fact that brake plays an important role in the capability of the engine; aero-elements need to be proved on the driving circuit; and the standard of the gusset plate, head gasket, large throttle body and drive shaft are particularly designed to strengthen the body of the car (as in S2000 model).

If you truly need or want to have the Spoon engine, then the most suitable choice would be purchasing a pre-modded motor (or a crate motor). Another god option if you have an engine of Honda and a lot of money is that you would send this motor to Spoon Sports so that it could remodel in the way you want. After that, you could proudly say that you are owning a Spoon Engine. In addition, you would immediately get the title called “Rice boy”, which is often offered to those car owners who have a Honda model equipped with a Spoon Engine.


For example, let’s have a look at Spoon 2000 or S2000 model of Honda. A couple of years ago, a test drive was held by Spoon Sports in Japan, and the boss of the company drove this car. According to the philosophy of Spoon, this was a completely built model called AP1 1999 S2000, which fitted with several adaptations such as mono-bloc brakes and CR93 wheels. In addition, this model of car was also equipped with and upgraded clutch, final drive and spoon transmission.

For all above information, a spoon engine seems to exist in reality. But could you actually see and buy one or whether you could afford this expensive type of engine? According to what other car drivers say, especially those who have the opportunity to have a look or drive a model of Honda equipped with a spoon engine, these experience seem to be really unforgettable.

Maybe in the future, you would have an opportunity to own or see a spoon engine. If not, you could just go to a DVD store and look for “Fast and Furious” series. By doing this you could have a real interaction with this high performance as well as expensive machine in car.​


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