What is The Color of Gasoline?

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In the past, gas was sold in the market without any added dyes in the elements. However, the government these days requires this form of fuel to be transacted with 3 different colors, including blue, red and clear. This is one of the newest effort of the Congress as well as the federal authority to prevent the air pollution and collect more gas taxes. Thus, if you are a supplier or a buyer of dyed gas, you should also notice some legal information related to this form of fuel.

Clear Gas​

Clear gas without added dye is one form of fuel for car on the road which is always available for sale at any typical fuel stations. In general, it is often used by the types of vehicle which run on the road every day such as SUV, van, or car. Nevertheless, clear gas could also be used for a boat.

Clear gas is made with low levels of sulfur and is taxed legally. Any cars that are equipped with a diesel engine have to use this type of clear gas.

Dyed Gas​

Most types of dyed gas are often made with red color and are not always available for sale for the public. Nevertheless, you might often see this type of dyed gas at a gas station. In general, this type of gas is used just for an off-road vehicle such as generator, equipment for heavy construction and farm tractor.

Gas that is selected for using by the vehicles of government is made with blue color instead of the red one. This difference in color would help to keep blue gas used by the vehicles of the government separated from clear gas used by most of car owners.

A common misconstruction of dyed gas is that it would lead to the loss of operation while being used. However, there is no actual relation between the loss of operation and various of dyed gas.

Legal Information on Dyed Gas​

Since the dyed gas is not taxed, the state and federal governments are prohibited the public from using it for any forms of on-road vehicle. The laws that regulate the usage of dyed gas would range from stick financial fines to considerable time in jail.

A distributor could not deliberately carry dyed gas with the intention to supply an on-road vehicle. In addition, the location of a gas station that provides dyed gas could not deliberately sell the fuel for usage in an on-road car.

A retail customer could not deliberately use dyed gas in an on-road car. Any law enforcement officers could check a sample of gas from any tanks of the driver. If dyed gas is found in the on-road car, the fines could be up to thousands of USD.

Removing dyes from gas is a criminal offence at both the federal as well as state level. Using or selling dyed gas with removed dyes would be penalized seriously by the government.

Useful Information on Dyed Gas

As most of us have known, in a couple of countries, it is compulsory by the government to dye a type of gas with low tax to prevent people from using it in the practice for gas with higher tax. In general, taxed gas is called white or clear, while untaxed one is known as dyed gas.

The dyes that are used in fuel need to be easily dissolved in the gas. In general, the red dye is usually various azo forms such as red solvent 26, red solvent 24 and red solvent 19. In similar way, anthracenedione dye is often used for blue and green color such as blue solvent 26, blue solvent 35 and green solvent 33.


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