Useful Tips for Washing The Engine

The engines of a car are important and powerful, we often forget or ignore to clean them. In fact, the motor of our car are overlooked over the time mainly because we do not believe that it is really vital or we are scared of causing damage to the motors while cleaning them.

The Advantages of Cleaning The Engine​

​In general, there are 2 main benefits for cleaning the engine in terms of performance and resale value.


A clean motor definitely means a powerful motor. But the state of being clean is totally from its appearance. As you know, an engine consists of many different running elements that work with each other to operate appropriately.

For instance, if you have corroded or dirty cable of battery, the battery would not make an appropriate connection, which make your car run out of power.

These days, in a couple of latest model, you could have some digital elements such as GPS or alarm. These devices depend on the digital system that could not work properly with the intermittent oil, rust and dust.

Or in other situations, how do you feel about the smell which comes from the air vent inside the car each time you turn the air conditioner or the heater on. In fact, these are burning grime that is kept through the intakes.

For these reasons, most of car experts agree that a clean engine is very vital as it indicates a strong, powerful and well running car.

Resale Value:

Another important advantage to a clean motor is the important impact on the resale value of a car. Take a few seconds to think if you want to buy a car before or after cleaning the engine.

According to some experts, a car with clean exterior and interior elements would be sold more than 1000 USD compared to a dishevelled car.

Other online sources state that the resale value could be increased by nearly 20 per cent mainly because it has good appearance. In fact, a clean motor would not be the most important factor that you consider, but when you open the hood, this is certainly a vital one.

Useful Tips for Cleaning The Engine​

    • Try to warm up your car to make the process of cleaning the engine simpler. By doing this, you would help to make some elements on oil get loose and other things that become liquid under heat.
    • Do not leave the engine on while you are cleaning it and do not warm it up for a long time as it would evaporate the cleaning liquid.
    • Based on the age of the car, warming up the engines could last in 5 minutes. The experts do not recommend any longer period of time. You should cool the engine down if the it is too hot before you begin the process of cleaning.
    • Use a small brush and directly spray cleaning liquid onto it to clean areas that are hard to reach.
    • Use cleaning liquid with solvent to clean extremely dirty engines.


  • Lift up your car when you are cleaning the bottom part of the engine, but make sure that your car is still on a constant smooth surface.
  • Consider removing the cables of battery and then clean them by rubbing. By keeping those cables in clean conditions, you would increase the life of a battery.


Which Areas Should You Pay Attention while Cleaning The Engine?

In general, cleaning the engine is not difficult as a brain surgery.

It just takes you a little preparation task to make the process of cleaning the engine safer and simpler for you and your car.

The followings are some useful tips to bear in mind before you start to clean the engine:


  • Only spray the engine with cleaning liquid: You just need to use a cleaner for oil, not the one with ammonia, which could make the plastic covering to crack and increase the speed of erosion.
  • Stand too close while running a hosepipe: Try to stand at least one foot as it would help you to control the hosepipe better.


    • Protecting the wires and other essential elements of a car that would be impacted by cleaning liquid or water. It is particularly essential when you are using an air dryer or pressure washer to clean the engine. The followings are a couple of parts you need to protect before starting the process of cleaning: alternator, gauge, electric connection, air filter.



After reading the information above, you are now probably a professional car owner.

In fact, there are so many people who do not know the proper way to clean the engine of their car although this is one of the most important and expensive elements of a car. And as you could see, it is really simple to clean it as the inside part of your car.

To sum up, cleaning the engine would help it last for a longer time and also keep car’s resale value as high as possible. Remember to tell me how incredible the engine appears after applying the information in this article.​


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