Useful Tips for Using a Power Inverter

Selecting the Proper Size of a Power Inverter

Power inverters are made with various sizes, measured by watt (W). The amount of electric power you use will be totally based on the choice of the equipment that you would like to use.

A lot home tools and power devices have the electric power on the body themselves.

To check whether some devices could be used at the same time, you just need to add the electrical power to see whether the total number is in the range of description of a power inverter.

Basic Uses​

Most models of power inverter, which are under 300 W, could be plugged into the battery of a car by using a DC port on the dash. In addition, they also provide cables to connect directly with the battery.

Bigger devices are usually built in vehicles such as boat or RV.

The power inverter often has 1 or more basic sockets to charge portable devices such as video player, DVD player, television, laptop and so on.

A power inverter transferring DC current to AC one is suitable for going picnic on parks which do not offer electricity. The ghetto blaster, blender and toaster could also be used.

Generator or power inverter?​

Whether using a generator or a power inverter would depends on the kind of electrical power and the frequency you would require an emergency source of power.

In general, a power inverter would save more energy when you are running devices under 1000 W, which are perfect for small tools such as DVD player, television and other devices with low electrical power.

If you want to use a dryer, washer, freezer, refrigerator or system of well, then the best option is a generator. If you are planning to use more than 2000 W, then you need to go for a generator since the electrical power in a battery would deplete the power quickly.

Adapted Sin Wave or True Sin Wave?​

A power inverter generates 2 different outputs of wave:

  • 1. Adapted sin wave
  • 2. True sin wave

​Inverter with adapted sin wave provides efficient and consistent power enough to operate most types of device. These models of power inverter are the most reasonable and popular in the market. In addition, they are also greatly efficient and small.

Inverter with true sin wave is the most expensive type, but it also provides the highest quality and most consistent outputs of wave. Several sensitive devices requires the true sin wave such audio or video equipment, battery charger, laptop, medical equipment and variable speed devices.

Basic Tips for Battery​

  • Batteries need be kept in good condition. Weak and old batteries must be changed before using with a power inverter.
  • Batteries of automotive are not suitable for recharging and discharging in long cycles. They would need to be changed more times than a battery with deep cycles.
  • Batteries with deep cycle are the great option as a source of power for a power inverter. They are made to be drained and charged repeatedly. In addition, it is also a sound thing to use more than 1 battery to provide power for a power inverter.
  • To extend the life of the battery, you should not use more than a half of the capacity of the battery before you recharge it.
  • Reserve ability shows the amount of time the battery could provide the amount of power (25 amperes for most types of battery) from 60° F to 75° F. A battery would discharge faster at lower temperature.

Tips for Safety

  • Always remember to use an inverter which is rated good enough for a device that you are using and stay away from adapter that could have more sockets than the device is made to provide.
  • While using a power inverter inside a car continuously that is disabled, the motor must be run at least 1 time in 1 hour from 10 to 15 minutes to prevent the battery from being discharged. Never run a car in a confined garage since the CO gas is deadly.
  • A power inverter would operate best with the battery which is fully charged and in good condition. If the task is too demanding, a weak battery would be easily drained. This would let you in passive situations, thus make sure to check the condition of the battery before running the power inverter with a disabled car.
  • Be sure the set of wire in your car could work with current before you plug a power inverter into the lighter.
  • Be sure the power inverter is ventilated suitably. Even the small models would produce heat. Thus, remember to check whether there is any fans inside with the power inverter more than 100 W. Put the power inverter in the area with good ventilation while using.

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