Useful Tips to Charge The Battery of a Car

Using a jump starter is not the only method to charge the battery of a car and it is not necessarily the most effective way.

In this article, you would figure out the best and most appropriate method to recharge the battery of a car.

You could charge the battery of a car your vehicle do not work. In general, most types of battery do not need recharging from 4 to 5 years if you are taking care of the car well.

Frequent charges means that you do not take care of the vehicle well or the battery of your car would have bad quality. Several batteries provide a charging indicator to show you the state of your battery as well as the process of charging.

If this indicator is yellow or clear, then you need to recharge the battery.

The followings are a couple of useful tips for recharging the battery of a car.

Note: As the acid in battery is dangerous, you should make sure to be very cautious while using old batteries to protect your clothing and skin.

​Use the trickle charger

This type of charger supply electricity for the battery from an energy socket in a stable and slow current. In fact, you do not need to have a quick process of charging for your vehicle.

A slow process is much more efficient since the battery tends to use a charger for a longer time in this way. A trickle charger is made with an electrical flex and a plug with 2 cables and clips.

Clean the terminal of the battery

Check and clean the terminal of your battery. Also remember not to touch a terminal if it is covered with white powder, which is dry sulfuric acid.

Your skin could be burned if you touch this substance just with the bare hand.

Instead, you should use the manual pad to cover the terminal or take a wet curtain with a layer of hot soda. Make sure the substance does not touch your clothing and skin.

Eliminate the cell cover

In general, you would notice a lot of small covers in many battery models. They are called cell covers and need to be eliminated before you could use the battery charger.

Those covers would be both on the top of a battery and under the yellow strip.

However, some types might not have any covers at all. If your battery provides the cell covers, you need to remove them before you start to charge, otherwise the gas generated during the process of charging would not be able to be released into the atmosphere.

Attach the cable of the charger

Be sure to turn off your car and then attach the wire or the cable to the terminal of the battery. A charger would have 2 wires.

Firstly, the red one needs to be plugged into the positive or red terminal (marked as POS terminal). The other wire is plugged into the negative one or labeled as NEG terminal.

Remember to be sure that both wires do not touch each other as they would burn of touching, thereby leading to the ignition of the hydrogen gases which are around a battery. In some situations, you would suffer serious fire or even make an explosion.

Turn the charger on

After connecting both terminals, you need to plug the charger into an electrical socket. Turn the current on and then the the process of charging would begin.

Let the battery charger on during the night. The next morning, turn it off and check the reading. If it is less than 1 amps, you could remove the plug.

Check your battery

After charging, check if your battery really works by using a device to measure the exact amount of electrical power in the current or turn the motor on.

If your battery are still not on, then you would need to have it changed.

Can you charge auto batteries by using a Ni-Cd battery

In fact, there would be no problem in using a Ni-Cd battery in the process of charging.

The most important thing is the produced amperes of cranking, and it might take those batteries a longer time to recharge than using a battery charger or another battery for car.

Nevertheless, there would be no issue in using a Ni-Cd battery to charge or start your car if you could produce the amperes of cranking to achieve that.

Can you charge a battery that runs out of water?

In general, it is possible to charge a battery when it runs out of water.

This depends only on the amount of time the battery of a car has been dry. Some types of battery would keep holding a charge when they are filled with distilled water again, while other types would not.

The decisive elements for that are the quality and age of the batteries, the amount of time the batteries of a car have been dry.

Regrettably, you could just figure out the solution by recharging and noticing to be sure the batteries are holding the charge.

You could also fill a battery again with distilled water before recharging it.

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