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Unlock Chevy Stereo and Find Radio Codes For Free

After servicing your Chevrolet or replacing a dead battery, that feeling of brand-newness is undeniable!

But what could be daunting than driving around a brand new car with no stereo in it?

And as it turns out to be with all Chevrolet models with anti-theft protection, you need a special code to get the radio back up and running.

Luckily, in this article and right below, I’ve made a done-for-you guide on how to unlock a Chevy theft lock radio in 2 different ways. Just go for the method that best suits you.

Method 1- How To Unlock The Car Stereo With An Anti-Theft Card


  • Find The Anti-Theft Card; the anti-theft card is a slim card that bears the code for the unlocking process. If you don’t know what it looks like, check through the car user’s manual for a plastic card that has two sets of numbers written on it. These two sets of numbers include your serial number and the said anti-theft unlock code. Don’t worry about a missing card. Here’s an alternative; check the glove compartment for the same two sets of numbers that are etched in it.


  • Write Them Down; get a notepad and a pen to write the serial number and the anti-theft retrieval code boldly and label each accordingly. This way, you avoid mistaking one for the other down the line.


  • Sync The Radio; insert your key into the ignition switch and twist in the ON direction without starting your car engine. Once there, allow 1 minute for the electrical system to boost up the radio and wait for the radio screen display to come on. Finally, notice the appearance of the word “CODE” on the display and move to the next step below.


  • Insert Ant-Theft Code; dial in the anti-theft code written in your notepad unto the stereo and press in on the tune button on the stereo system. After this, the displayed “CODE” will go away and you’ll have a static screen. Finish the process by dialing in your anti-theft code again. This time, the numbers will be dialed in one after the other unlike before when you dialed the entire code at a go. With this done correctly, the functionality of your stereo is back and you may tweak the stereo system to your preference just like you used to.


But what if you have a missing card and there’s no sign of your anti-theft code on the glove compartment?


How To Unlock Radio Code Without An Anti-Theft Card

  • Get In Touch; the only second option available is a contact with the manufacturer, Chevrolet of cause. And there are two sides to this. The first way to go is to check your user’s manual for the manufacturer’s contact number. Or, preferably, go to Chevrolet’s official website. Either way, the goal is to connect and talk to the support team for help. A representative will be sent your way to locate your radio code for you.


  • Enter The Code; with the needed code in hand, follow the process shared in the previous heading to activate your stereo and configure it accordingly.




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