Top 5 Carbon Fiber Car Parts for Better Performance

If your car is a little too slow for you, you should consider replacing some parts with carbon fiber. For years, carbon fiber has been tagged as the future of automotive because of its lightweight and durable properties. Also, less weight means reduce engine strain contributing to better fuel consumption.

Now carmakers like Rimac, Mclaren, BMW, Ford, Tesla, Ferrari and more are designing cars with parts made of pure carbon fiber. Therefore, in this article, we will show you a simple guide on carbon fiber parts to improve your car’s performance and a bonus visual guide on their maintenance.

What Are The Best Carbon Fiber Car Parts That Will Improve Car Performance?

1. Carbon fiber wheels: Most carbon fiber wheels are exceptionally lightweight which is why they are more popular with sports car aficionados. Carbon fiber wheels are very strong, but if damaged can be quite a hefty sum to replace since it cannot be repaired.

2. Carbon fiber hood: Many car enthusiasts are eager to reduce the weight of their cars and as such often replace the car’s heavy stock steel hood with a lightweight carbon fiber piece. Also, having less weight at the front improves the balance which also influences the handling.

3. Carbon fiber side skirts: Modifying the side skirts does improve not only the car’s appearance but also its aerodynamic performance.

4. Carbon fiber doorframe: Carbon fiber doorframe is an ideal upgrade since changing the heavy component of doors to carbon fiber yields better performance and road holding ability.

5. Carbon fiber front grille: Just like the carbon fiber hood, the front grille made of carbon fiber reduces front-end mass and weight, improving handling responsiveness and efficiency while keeping the costs in check.

Other car parts that can be replaced with carbon fiber include the spoiler, side mirror, roof panel, rear diffuser, drive shafts, air vent, and front bumper. For more information about carbon fiber and specific car parts that can be made from carbon fiber, check out the infographic below.

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