The Best Method to Clean The Window of a Car Without Marks

In my personal opinion, cleaning a window is no doubt the least enjoyable task in treating your car, thus the following steps would not just provide you with useful information and tips that you are looking, but it would also help to protect the glass for a long period of time.

In general, there are rather a few ways to clean the window of a car appropriately, from using a piece of paper to a usual cleaner and so on. The method in this guide has 4 basic steps, which I have combined from a couple of ways that I have worked for a long time.


What Would You Need?

Small fiber towel, pad or sponge, cleaner containing alcohol, sealer, a bar of clay and spray bottle with warm water​.

  • Step 1: Use cleaner to clean the surface of window

Squirt 2 or 3 drops of the selected cleaner to the surface of window. If you are cleaning a smaller window, then you should squirt the whole surface.

If you are cleaning a bigger window, then you just need to squirt a half of the cleaning area so that the liquid does not turn into gas when you are rubbing it.

Once you have sprayed the surface, use a clean and small fiber towel to spread the liquid in small circle. After that, do other small circle in the opposite direction. Keep doing the step until most of the liquid has disappeared and left a dry glass surface.​

  • Step 2: Eliminating the debris by using a bar of clay

When the surface of window is totally dry from the liquid, squirt on it a little amount of warm water.

Clear a small amount of clay from the bar and use an adequate amount of force to press the clay in a similar small circle on the glass surface.

If you notice a mark which resists the light, continue and pay attention to that mark for a short time to eliminate all of the things leading to the resistance. Keep doing the task on the whole surface of window and then rub it a dry towel.​

  • Step 3: Do step 1 and 2 over again until the window is totally clean

If the window is not clean, you would need to use a bar of clay again to eliminated left debris.

  • Step 4: Use the sealer

When the cleaning liquid has disappeared and you have removed all of the debris, use the sealer to finish cleaning process.

Useful Tips

In the process of washing your car, be sure to clean the window at last.

It is highly recommended to clean the window in shade area as it would make the speed of evaporation lower so that you just need to use the cleaner for 1 time.

While rubbing the surface, you should use 1 side of the towel and then flip it over and rub the window or you could use 2 different towels.

To clean inside of a window, you could do the similar steps but squirt the cleaning liquid directly to the cloth instead of the surface. In general, it would prevent the cleaning liquid from spilling over the window and the inside parts, which would result in breaks and other damage.

Products You Can Use to Clean Car Windows​

Cleaning Liquid

The first one, which is highly recommended by a lot of car owners, is known as invisible glass cleaning liquid. In general, it is completely safe for coloured window without alcohol, ammonia and residue.

​The second one is known as chemical glass cleaning liquid, which offers the same features as mentioned cleaner above. For me, I buy this type due to their commitment to a safe product and also the reasonable price compared to invisible cleaner.

Availability would be the most striking difference between those 2 types of cleaning liquid.

You could buy invisible cleaner in any supermarkets and stores while chemical one could just only be found in online stores. However, whichever cleaner you go for, the result would always satisfy you.

Bar of Clay​

When you buy a bar of clay, you often want to choose cheaper kinds. In addition, you would not want to have a product that would leave anything or have small debris would could make the window scratch.

The first one is the chemical bar of clay with yellow colour. In general, it is made not only to be environmentally-friendly, but it is also made to make sure that you clean your car without doing any damage to it.

The second one is gold bar of clay. In fact, it is similar to the product above.

Fiber Cloth​

For this things, 2 important factors that you need to consider are the softness and the price. Before going for the cheapest product, you should touch the fiber a little to be sure the cloth would not to leave soft fibers on the surface of window.

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