The Best Brands of Jump Starter in The Market


Schumacher is one of the most reliable manufacturer in the jump starter industry, and they make devices with high quality, which are tough and durable. Compared to other brands, sometimes those jump starters could be more expensive, but they are also very good and powerful devices.

The PSJ-2212 is one of the most popular model of Schumacher that is small and used easily as a portable source of power for your devices. The PSJ-3612 model is made with a powerful design and provides the peak current of more than 3600 amperes. The PSJ-4424 model is an impressive jump starter that is suitable for heavy-duty task with 4400-ampere current.

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PowerStation manufactures a lot of strong jump starters. The P1224 model provides the peak current of 3000 amperes, protection against polarity, clamps by nylon and the copper cable with 76 inches in length. The PSX2 models offers most of the necessary features, including a transfer flex and a LED indicator. The PSX3 version is a jump starter for heavy-duty task with an emergency flashlight, an air compressor and the supply of power.


The PKC0J7 version is suitable for those who often use their car for outdoor journey. It provides a couple of features to make their journey more comfortable, including air compressor and device charger. The PKC0AZ model of Peak has the current of 900 amperes and a powerful battery, which is suitable for keeping your car operating through the coldest situations.

Black & Decker​


Black & Decker is a famous manufacturer for trustworthy jump starters. The JUS500IB model provides the peak current up to 1000 amperes and instant current of 500 amperes, which offers enough amount of power to jump start a car. The PPRH5B version is made with a lightweight design, which includes 2 ports for AC current, 1 port for DC current and a USB plug.



Duracell is a famous brand in battery industry, and they make all types of battery with high quality. The DRPP300 model integrates a removable and rechargeable LED flashlight, an air compressor and protection against excessive or overload temperature. It provides a wide range of features for safety, and it is also powerful to jump start a car and recharge portable devices.​

Jump-N-Carry (JNC)​

The Jump-N-Carry brand is quite well-known in the market of jump starter. Their devices are manufactured to be easy and powerful to use. The JNCAIR model is a jump starter with 12 volts, which provides the peak current up to 1700 amperes and cranking energy of 425 amperes. In addition, it also incorporates the battery with famous technology called Proformer to have great performance. The JNC660 version is a popular jump start which provides the peak current up to 1700 amperes and cranking energy of 425 amperes. It is only 18 lbs in weight, so you could carry it around easily.



PowerAll is one of the first manufacturers which tried to combine the capability to jump start a vehicle with the possibility to charge a portable tool and they have made a couple of impressive devices based on this effort. The most popular jump starter device of PowerAll is probably the PBJS. This device with a light form is only 1 lb in weight and provides a set of extra features, including a charger for portable devices and a LED light that could last for more than 100 hours. It also has protection against short circuit, overload and overcharging. It could jump start a car nearly 20 times if fully charged.


Husky company is another famous brand in jump start industry. The 012HD version of Husky provides the instant current up to 400 amperes, an outlet with 12 volts and an incorporated LED light for operating in dark areas. The VEC010 jump starter would provide the peak current up to 600 amperes. It consists of an AC charger to recharge the devices, cable and clamp to keep the durability and reliability. In spite of its size, this device is powerful to operate even faster than the basic ways. It is also simple for you to install and carry around.


The Starter 100 version of EverStart provides the energy up to 100 amperes. It has the capability to charge a device with the battery of 6 or 12 volts, and it also provides 2 LED signs for charging and powering status. The HP250 model provides the starting power of 300 amperes and also offers an outlet with 12 volts.​

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