Are Saturns Good Cars to Choose?

Saturn Corporation was established in 1985 by General Motors (GM) as a registered trademark and subsidiary. In 2008, GM sold Saturn to another automotive manufacturer called Penske to focus on their four main brands, including GMC, Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet.

However, due to the withdrawal of Penske from that process of acquisition, GM announced to sell off the remaining parts and stopped manufacturing this car line in 2008. In January 2010, Saturn brand was officially shut down.

In this article, we will analyze some customer reviews to show you all necessary information so that you can have a better understanding of Saturn car.

Favorable Customer Reviews on Saturn​

A couple of clients buying Saturn have reported that this car model has been working perfectly. The following are some suggestions for you to take into consideration.

  • “I am the owner a repair shop. Most of Saturn models that I look at are always in the best condition. Therefore, this is a perfect choice for drivers. I have examined a couple of them, but never dealt with any serious repair problems or heard of any critical complaints. A lot of my clients are turning to Saturn cars as an alternative choice due to good warranty policy and its efficiency of fuel. However, if you are planning to go for one, make sure to drive and consider yourself before making a decision. Good luck to you!” says a 36-year-experienced and certified mechanic.
  • “To be honest, the SL2 Saturn 1999 model of mine is definitely one of the most reliable cars that I’ve ever driven. I never get stuck with it anywhere. Like every other model, Saturn is not without defection, but it is actually simple to solve when any problems happen.” says a member of Saturn fan forum.
  • “Three and a half year ago, I purchased a second hand SL2 Saturn 1999. And the only issue that I have faced with it till recently was to change the tires and the battery. It is really a perfect model. I often use 30-33 MPG for my road trip each month. I believe that it is a fantastic little car, and I will rate Saturn on the top of my wish list” says a member of Automotive Forum.

Opposing Customer Reviews on Saturn

A couple of customers say that Saturn is not actually a good car. Here are their reviews:

    • “In the United States, Saturn is in the third rank of the best-selling car models in 1994. This position went up to the second after Lexus in 2000. However, Saturn was just a good brand when it was still an active company and produced quality models. The major issue with choosing a Saturn car is the absence of support for customers in operating problems because the company has been closed” says an automobile journalist.

  • “Although the dealer of GM could be able to boast their services and warranties, there are still some limitations in technician training as well as parts inventory. Usual servicing should not be an issue, but major repair would require more amount of money and time, especially for low-volume Saturn models such as the Astra and Sky” says a cars’ blogger.
  • “I purchased an SC1 Saturn 1997 from a vehicle dealer and face with a lot of serious issues. The check engine light, for example, was shining, and the only thing that I would learn from the instruction was that the cylinder four was going wrong. Even after changing the coils, wires, spark plugs, and fuel injector, the problem still occurred. For this reason, I am planning to sell this vehicle. But it is actually a perfect car when it comes to mileage factors” says a customer of Automotive Forum.

Risks of Purchasing a Retired Car

General Motors has stated that it could guarantee any maintenance or repair needs, and warranty claims about Saturn at any of their franchisees. Nevertheless, going for a retired or retiring brand would bring a couple of potential risks. So you need to understand these possibilities before making a buying decision:

  • You could not apply the usual rule of depreciation for a discontinued brand.
  • The expense and future availability of spare components are at stake. Although a lot of dealers keep offering these components for a couple of years, it gets expensive and difficult to find these parts.
  • After the warranty of your car has expired, you need to look for a qualified mechanic who has sufficient expertise, knowledge, and experience to handle any problems in your vehicle.

Which Saturn Models to Choose or Not to Choose?

After 25 years of manufacturing in automobile industry, Saturn Corporation has introduced totally 9 different models into the market, including: Astra (2008 to 2010), Aura (2007 to 2010), Outlook (2007 to 2010), Sky (2007 to 2010), Relay (2005 to 2007), ION (2003 to 2007), VUE (2002 to 2009), L series (2000 to 2005), S series (SW, SL, SC, 1991 to 2002).

The following are some models that you should stay away:​

  • VUE and L series with V6 Engine: Both of these versions are designed with a 3.oL V6 engine that is rather costly and hard to work on. Therefore, a new or repaired engine needs to be prepared in advance before the vehicle is worn out totally. You could not claim them as completely unreliable, but when it comes to the lifespan of the vehicle, this is not a suitable investment.
  • VUE or ION models with CVT transmission: It is not advisable to go for these versions because the transmission is not dependable even after costly repairs.
  • Astra versions: Due to its poor performance in fuel economy, this model would make a lot of drivers feel disappointed.

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