Safety Tips for The Power Inverters

Important safety advices when you’re using a Car Power Inverter

Do not connect any small appliance with the AC socket of a power inverter to directly charge the batteries made by Ni-Cd. You should use the recharger attached with the appliance.

Do not connect a battery charger with any cordless devices if you see the warning on a charger that dangerous power is possible on the terminal of the battery.

Not most of brilliant lamps function appropriately with the adapted sin wave power inverter. In fact, if the lamp turns out to fail to operate or be excessive bright, do not use it with a power inverter.

Several models of fan with synchronized engines might increase the speed a little bit (revolution per minute) when supplied by a power inverter with adapted sin wave. It does not lead to any damage to the inverter or the fan.

safety tips when using a car power inverter

A couple of chargers for small batteries made by Ni-Cd could be harmed if you plug them in a power inverter with adapted sin wave.

In general, there are 2 kinds of appliance that are highly likely to be affected by damage:​

  • Small types of battery, which provide power for appliance such as toothbrush, razor or flashlight, could be connected directly with the AC socket to charge.
  • Several chargers of battery are used for a couple of cordless devices. They will have the warning tag advising that dangerous power is possible on the terminal of the battery.

Do not use an adapted sin wave power inverter with the 2 kinds of device above.

Most type of portable devices do not have this issue.

Instead, most of them use a separate charger or transformers that connect with an AC socket to provide a low-voltage AC or DC power for the device.

If the label of the device indicates that the adapter or the charger generates a low-voltage AC or DC power, there would be no issue related to powering an adapter or charger.

Why power inverters are dangerous if not used properly

A current in 110 volts could be deadly. Inappropriate usage of the power inverter would lead to the damage of device, serious injuries, or even losses of life.

Thus, you should always remember to read carefully and follow strictly the instruction of the manufacturer attached with all inverters for vital safety guides.

Basic Tips for Safety:​

  • Put the power inverter on a fairly smooth surface, both vertically and horizontally.
  • The power inverter must not be fixed in the motor section because of potential acid, oil or water adulteration, and extra heat with the cover, as well as possible risks from spark and gas that the power inverter could often generate. It is a good idea to use the cable of battery to a cool and dry power inverter place.
  • Do not let your power inverter wet or expose to moisture or rain. Do not use a power inverter if it is connected with any wet source of power. In general, water and a lot of liquids could allow the electricity pass along, which might result in serious injuries or even death.


  • Do not put a power inverter near or on the radiator or heating vent. Do not put a power inverter directly under the sunlight. Ideal temperature for operation is from 50°F to 80° F.
  • In order to effectively spread the heat produced when the power inverter is operating, you should allow fresh to enter. In addition, remember to keep enough space at the side and the top of the power inverter.
  • Do not operate the power inverter close to the inflammable substances. Do not put the power inverter in places like battery section in which gas might amass.

Suggestion for Audio and Television

Although most types of power inverter are filtered and protected to reduce signal interruption, several interference with the TV might be impossible to avoid, particularly with weak signs.

The followings are some recommendations that would improve the quality of signals:

  • Firstly, be sure that the TV aerial generates a clear sign in normal condition of operation. Also make sure that the cable of aerial is protected appropriately and has good quality.
  • Change the positions of aerial cable, power inverter and TV power flex.
  • Separate the TV, the power flex and aerial cable from a 12-volt source of power by using an extension flex from a power inverter to a set of television. Make sure that any extra AC flex is far from the television set.
  • Coil the input cable and the power flex of TV from the 12-volt source of power to the power inverter.

Note: A couple of cheap audio devices might release a small sound while operating with a power inverter.

It is generated by not having enough filters in the system audio.

The solution to this issue is to us an audio device with a better source of power.


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