Pros and Cons of Snow Tire versus Studded Tire

Sometimes, it could be difficult to drive in the winter. And the best way to deal with the capricious nature of the roads in this season is to use snow tire for your car. Fortunately, if you are trying to find out the most suitable snow tires, then there are a wide range of choices in the market for you to select from. In this process, you would need to consider the following important questions:

  • How could you decide what is the most suitable types of tire for your need?
  • How would you know the difference between a snow and a studded tire?
  • How extreme is the weather condition in your neighbourhood?


In this article, you will learn how to differentiate between a snow and studded tire so that you would have a better insight into choosing the most suitable one. In addition, you would know the reason why you need to buy tire in set and which types of tire are best for your needs.

car with mounted snow chains

Studded Tire versus Snow Tire: Pros and Cons

In general, there are 2 main kinds of tire to select from when your need to buy the tires for your car in the winter, including snow and studded tire.

​What Are The Benefits of Studded Tire?

In general, this type of tire has fixed studs in metal, which are put in the tread.

These metal elements are rather small, but they have been created from durable materials, which make them able to dig in ice or snow and keep the car stable even when you are moving on slippy roads.

studded tire in winter


  • Studded tire is dependable in ice and snow weather conditions.
  • Help the ride stable even when there are any thick layers of ice on the roads.


  • Studded tire is not suitable for asphalt roads and other forms of surface.
  • Other forms of surface, except for ice, could be destroyed easily by the layer of the metal pieces. Thus, you should notice this when your are traveling on summer vacation or parking in the garage.

In general, this simply means that a studded tire is just suitable for severe winter condition when the roads are full of ice and snow and ice. Thus, you should not use this type of tire in spring, summer and fall. In fact, a couple of states have banned or restricted studded tire on the road.

What Are The Benefits of Snow Tire?

The second one we would like to mention is the snow tire without studs. It is made from a special form rubber and the tread is made particularly deeper to provide a greater traction while you are driving the car on ice, snow or asphalt road.

snow tire in winter


  • Snow tire is dependable on ice, snow and asphalt road.
  • Help the ride stable even when there are any thick layers of ice on the roads.
  • It assists in the process of stopping, speeding up or slowing down.


  • Not the most suitable option for severe weather conditions.

When a normal tire gets hard because of cold weather conditions, this special rubber type of tire helps to avoid facing the stiffness. In addition, it also makes a snore tire more flexible and keep a greater traction on any surfaces of the road, which is very important in winder season.

In general, a snow tire also has small and narrow cut on the tread. These ones play a similar role as the metal pieces in a studded tire. They would dig deeply in the ice or snow and make your car stand firmly on a road even when there are any thick layers of ice on the roads.​

Why You Should Buy Snow Tires in Set?

In general, this could be applied for all models of car from front, rear to all wheel drives. If you combine other types of tire for your car, you could make front and rear axle to have uneven traction and control. This could have a very serious effect on the ability to handle and the safety of your car.

choose studded tire

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to use the same tires to make sure the car get reliable and consistent traction, control and safety.


To sum up, the question if to choose snow or studded tire is simply a matter of your personal and area preference. Both of the mentioned types would be used for for different weather conditions and situations. However, with the development of technology in car industry, you will not need to use a studded tire in the future even when you want to drive in extreme weather conditions.

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