Does Octane Booster Work for Your Vehicle?

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Octane is a colorless and flammable hydrocarbon compound of alkane series that can be found in petroleum. It is often used in a car and later by two-wheelers. In general, we can see the increase of octane in petroleum when using the octane booster, which can be used as anti-knock additive. When you add this into the fuel, it helps to prevent the beginning of knock pre-ignition.

During the procedure of preventing a knock, the importance of octane in the gas is changed to another performance level so that it would work and provide better results.​

How Does Octane Booster Work in a Vehicle?

When it comes to octane booster, it works in your car by increasing the potential of the octane gas at a particular point, which will offer us the advantage in higher level of fuel octane.

The major benefit of octane booster is definitely to increase the HP of your car. This procedure works through the improvement in compression ratio, which is the number of stroke generated by the cylinder in a vehicle before igniting the fuel.

When we can find it, the higher the compression ratio require in the engine, the higher the level of octane is needed. In some situations, excessive compression could result in pre-ignition. And it is really dangerous as pre-ignition might damage the engine of your car if there is no ignition suppression. Octane booster allows the engine to get full compression without the risks of pre-ignition.

This is basically how the octane booster works and its power reveals. When you apply octane for your car, you can see that it would enhance the gas octane. Generally, the higher the octane power is, the greater its effect on engine as well as performance of your vehicle is improved.

Many car manufacturers discover that octane booster can considerably increase the burning of the air and fuel within an engine by increasing fuel’s octane rating. As a result, the engine combustion will become higher so that the engine is more efficient and powerful.

During this procedure, the fuel coming into the engine has high capacity of burning. And the unburned gas is emitted through the exhaust system of your car instead of realizing all fuel. For some car models, octane boosters should be used in moderate amount.

Impact of Octane Booster​

Reading the owner’s manual is necessary to know what type of octane booster should be applied for your car. In general, you can see that the average gas car are made to work on approximately 87 octanes, while the other models take advantage of the better versions of octane gas. Different octanes will have different ratings, which could range from 87 – regular, 88 to 90 - midgrade, and 91 to 94 - premium. Fuel with an 85 rating in octane is available in several areas of the US. A good octane gas is often used for engine which would generate a better compression ratio to increase the amount of air inside. During this process, high octane gas will improve the level of performance and cost efficiency in the car.

In some cases, we might apply the lesser octane gas than the needed one as we are pushed to deal with a lot of issues in the engine. If a lower octane as is used, it would damage disposing control system as well as the engine. In old car models, there would be a noise in the engine called audible knocking. This is mainly because the lower octane would shift the spark time compression knock rather than fuel consumption, which causes power produced by the engine in your car still suffers. In times, a common question is that why using a higher octane booster would give you benefits?

The answer depends on different types of octane. In most of car models, higher octane booster might enhance the performance and gas mileage in heavy operation such as the towing of car or loaded with heavy things in hot conditions. In spite of under sufficient driving, it might not be such a profitable consumption. In fact, the gas with higher octane is more economical due to the fuel elements, which can speed up the production of more expensive fuel octane.

Those are the different impacts of different octane rating. You should understand the necessary octanes to use them for your car effectively.

The Usage of Octane Booster in a Prescribed Car​

Based on the rating octane, we can make sure the normal works in a car by seeing. In general, the premium or high octane requires more compression to burn the fuel.

  • An engine with high performance requires a higher level of octane so that the gas does not burn prematurely.
  • If we apply this high octane in a normal engine, it might have harmful detrimental impact, which causes the engine to burn the fuel.
  • High octane is necessary for a couple car examples; turbocharged vehicle requires high octane to lower the risks of demotion with higher change in temperatures.
  • Some vehicle can put up with a lower octane, which increases emissions and reduces economy but will also allow a driver to come home on small amount of fuel.
  • Using higher octane helps to reduce the sound of knocking in the engine, and it also helps to burn the fuel faster.


To sum up, octane plays a really important role in the petroleum, which offers a great eminence to the car. In other words, it does work to the vehicles for an extremely perfect performance in the output of power. Depending on various conditions, the range of the octane will be different. Thus, a wisely selected octane would provide a good prospect as well as a friend to your car.


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