New Trends in The World of Cars

Automobile connectivity

Over the last few years, the gap between the lifestyle of passenger and driver has been gradually narrowed.

You could notice several examples of this trend in a couple of famous motor shows.

The variety of connected features that a car offers makes sure a much smoother trip and an improved experience of driving.

In addition, by using the applications on smartphone, the drivers could unlock their cars from the distance, share the time of arrival with their friends and avoid traffic jam.

Virtual reality feature

​The difference between experience of real driver and the experience of a show is also brought closer with a large quantity of immersive VR stunts as well as stands. This feature of Peugeot is probably the best of all, which would allow nearly 20 drivers in the same time to try the experience of driving through a particularly built VR space.

Car with alternative sources of energy​

future of electric cars opel ampera

This is probably the only trend in the automotive industry that promises to reduce the effect of cars on the environment.

The feature called Ampera-E of Opel could show the fully-fledged electrical ability and the incredible range of 500 kilometers. In addition, it also certainly displays the automobile as a rational as well as emotional option.​

The Ampera-E mode is made as a feature to get pleasant experience – indicated in the amusing challenge of racing in which a driver could race with the opponents from different producers.

Driving a car has never been so wonderful and pleasant like that. Volkswagen also makes the ground of NEV as an important part by revealing the ID idea of the car at the motor shows. In fact, it is an all-electrical car with brand new design and integrates a marked front-end and a wireless recharger.

In addition, it has been manufactured for the ability to drive in full autonomy, guaranteed by 2025.​

Car personalization​

But it is not all about the options of energy. Individual taste in feature, colour, smell and event texture is also provided in car industry.

The Astra model of Opel has improved the experience with various senses by permitting the drivers to personalize the inside smell of their car with a wide variety of perfume boxes, while the Smart provides the choice of personalizing for almost every accessory and panel in the latest models.

However, the greatest improvement of the gap between the driver’s preference and the car designer is probably showed by the SVO service of Jaguar.

It is a astounding range of configuration choices which lead to the cars with special looking and driving, and is decided totally by the driver’s preference.

​Car as an individual vehicle

Personal interest and preference also play an important role in the way a car manufacturer shows the line-up of their high-end brands. “Collection” could be probably a more suitable word to say about the DS products.

In addition, the idea of DS car would attract drivers as a model on the catwalk show embellished by the spotlight, perfume and music, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th model of DS are showed in the retail background.

When it comes to more genera features, the stands of Citroen are made as a full experience of lifestyle, which embrace the concept of a responsible, modern and authentic car that is close to the daily life of a driver.

In general, it is a very obvious and exciting method to bring the values of the brand to the real life as a car has always been definitely an image of a driver’s position in society.


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