How Much Money to Lower Your Car?

1. Modify The Leaf Spring

Most old model of cars often use the leaf spring as the suspension system. Thus, if you need to lower a classic car 2.5 inches or less, then the simplest and also the cheapest method to do that is to modify the leaf spring. However, you need to know that adjusting the leaf spring often means to sacrifice the handling in your vehicle, especially during acceleration and breaking.

Set of Tools:

A kit of leaf spring would be found from a wide range of online stores. And the price you pay would range from 100 USD to 200 USD for each, depending on the model and brand of the car.


The expense for a professional mechanic would range from 50 USD to 200 USD each hour. Make sure to ask for a couple of car stores in the neighborhood to save money. In addition, it would take you from 2 to 3 hours.​

If you are used to technology, this task could be achieved easily at your own home within the afternoon.

Total expense:

  • 100 USD for self-installation and low-quality tool.
  • 600 USD for professional service and high-quality tool.

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2. Cut The Coil

Coil spring cutting is a common method to lower a car. To do this, it need to be eliminated and cut from the vehicle in quarter sections until you get the needed height. In fact, this technique would be quite difficult since it would result in improper suspension on a vehicle and uncommon wear of other elements if you do not perform it correctly.

Set of Tools​:

Instead of cutting, you could purchase a shorter coil spring. The price would be from 100 USD to 700 USD depending on models of car.


A car shop, which specializes in auto service, is the best choice to install a new coil spring professionally or cut the current coil. The expense could range from 200 USD to 500 USD for a mechanic.

Total Expense:

  • 100 USD for buying of tools and low-quality kit.
  • 1200 USD for professional installation and high-quality kit.

3. Use The Airbag

Adjustable airbag is another choice for you to change a spring. In fact, this is a system that many people apply to make a vehicle fall or rise. It could be installed easily at home, but it is recommended to bring your car to a professional mechanic. In the setup of an airbag, you need to replace the coil spring with a necessary airbag, but it also means to add the air tank, air compressor, air lines and connect it to the dash switch.

Set of Tools​:

A set of air suspension would range from 1000 USD to 4000 USD depending on the capability and quality of the needed elements.


The cost of a professional service for those parts would depend on the experience of the mechanic and the complexity of the tool. In average, the expense for the professional setup, which could take nearly 10 hours, would be in the range of 1000 USD.

It is definitely possible to do this work at home if you are familiar with electronics in car and have done any suspension task before. If you have enough device and the needed skills, then it just takes you about several days to set up the airbag to your car.

Total Expense​:

  • 1000 USD for home setup, low-quality kit without needing to purchase new tools.
  • 5000 USD for professional setup and high-quality kit.

4. Use Hydraulic Suspension System

It is really expensive to buy and set up a system of hydraulic suspension. Nevertheless, it could allow a person to lower his vehicle up to five inches.

Set of Tools​:

A set of hydraulic lift would be in the range from 1300 USD to more than 10000 USD on depending on the desired performance and model of car.


Any people with advanced skills could perform this setup themselves. However, it needs the knowledge of wielding, electric work and suspension system.

A professional mechanic in any car shop would cost from 2000 USD to 5000 USD depending on the model of car and the complexity of a system.

Total Expense:

  • 1300 USD for home setup and low-quality kit.
  • 15000 USD for high-quality kit and professional setup.


To sum up, car replacement could be done in a wide variety level of price and skill with different results. The first you need to do is selecting a proper method for the budget. The next one is to go for a brand. And finally, bring your car to a professional car service or do it yourself to save money.


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