How Much Air Should You Put in a Tire?

In general, a lot of car owners usually ask us whether they should inflate the tires based on the maximum P.S.I or pounds per square inch mentioned on the internet. Nevertheless, the maximum number is not always the best one when it comes to the proper pressure of a tire.

To have a durable tire that helps you to drive your car safely and smoothly, it is essential to put the right amount of pressure into the tires of your car.

The Maximum Amount of Air​

If you take a look at the brochures or manual guides of a manufacturer, you would have realized, for example, the phrase: “Max pressure: 35 P.S.I”. In fact, this figure would tell a car owner the maximum amount of cold pressure that is necessary for the tire of your car to carry the maximum load.

As it mentioned, cold pressure means that you should fill the tires up in the most suitable time. In general, that need to be done especially when the tires are cold. The best time of the day would be after a couple of hours in shade or in the early morning.

In general, the maximum pressure of a tire should be in the range from 30 to 32 P.S.I.

What Would Happen if an Owner Inflates His Tires to The Maximum P.S.I?​

Changing the handling features: Because a tire that is inflated with the maximum amount of air could not provide as much in a sidewall, you would notice better cornering. However, it would make the baking threshold at stake. For example, the back end or the quick corner would slide out.

Decrease the lifespan of a tire: If a tire is inflated excessively, the rubber layers on the top and center of it would wear out quickly when you are driving on the road. In addition, it would also make the traction decrease or even lead to a blowout.​

The Best Amount of Air for Your Tires

In fact, you would find the suitable amount of air that is needed for the tires of your car by looking at the manual guides of any auto manufacturers. A couple of models even put a sticker on the gas door, on the lid or in the console to remind the driver.

It is often recommended to pump your tires in the range from 30 to 35 P.S.I for normal drive. That figures means the lowest amount of pressure that is necessary to support a car in carrying its maximum capacity. If it is less in any situations, you would notice the poor handling or gas economy as well as quick wear since the tire and flexing are overloading too much.

Therefore, remember to inflate the tires of your cars in recommended amount of P.S.I, you would enjoy the optimized performance and life of your vehicle.

When is The Most Suitable Time to Inflate a Tire?​

In general, we have a couple of useful tips as following: you should inflate the tires every month, when the temperature changes more than 10 degree or each time the gas tank is filled up.

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