How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a V6?

What is a Spark Plug?

The spark plug is a useful device that provides the electrical currents to the ignition engine from an explosion system. It is basically designed with a metal shell, which is electrically isolated with the usage of the chinaware insulator. Also, a spark plug is commonly used in determining the ionization in the engine’s cylinder and the furnace to burn the flammable mixture of fuel or air.

There are various types of spark plugs available for each engine model in the market these days. Therefore, it is necessary to know important information before buying a car with a V6 engine.

Components of a Spark Plug?

A spark plug is often made with different parts as following:

  • Insulator: The main component of an insulator is made out of a ceramic material called alumina that has good dielectric strength. This part is useful in rendering electric insulation and mechanical support for protection.
  • Terminal: The top area of this device includes a terminal which is connected to the ignition system. The construction of the terminal depends completely on the use of a spark plug.
  • Insulator tip seal: This element is essential to ensure the absence of leak from your combustion chamber.
  • Central electrode and metal case: It helps connect to a terminal with the support of the internal wire. Also, this also helps in reducing the RF noise which is the result of sparking.
  • Ribs: These units help to improvise the electric insulation and prevent the leakage of electrical energy from a terminal to the metal case of a spark plug.


Definition of a V6 Engine?

The V6 engine is basically a V model with 6 cylinders which mount perfectly over the crankshaft. Amongst all types of engine available in the market, this is one of the most compactable ones. The engine is comprised of a quiet and large range from 2.0 to 4.3 liters. It is also less expensive to build this model, and compared to a V8 version, it has much greater fuel consumption.

Types of Spark Plugs

  • Copper spark plug
  • As the copper spark plug is a very cheap model, it also has a short lifespan. It is often highly recommended because copper is naturally one of the best materials to conduct electricity and very well-known for generating a high spark in most conditions. This type of spark plug could last up to the range from 20000 to 40000 miles.
  • Platinum spark plug
  • The platinum spark plug is quite expensive because the metal platinum is rarely available in the market. Compared to a copper unit, its capacity for transferring power is low as platinum is generally less conductive. It is widely used thanks to a double lifespan and durable usage. Lastly, this model would shine in many usual conditions when driving on the road.


  • ​Double platinum spark plug
  • A double platinum spark plug is nearly similar to a platinum model apart from an additional platinum tip. It also has much greater center coating part that results in a longer lifespan. Lastly, due to better performance and higher stability, these spark plugs are more popular than the platinum unit.

  • ​Iridium spark plug
  • The iridium spark plug, which has an iridium tip, does not only provide much better power output but also have greater combustion values, which ultimately helps an engine run smoothly and quietly. With good wire centers, it is probably one of the most expensive spark plugs in the market.


  • ​Gapping spark plug
  • For this type, it basically makes the adjustment in a distance between the plug’s tip which the electricity comes from and the conducting electrode. The whole gapping is acquired by using a gap unit to bend the electrode and then achieving an exact gap distance, which is very important in this type of plug. This is because it helps to maximize the fuel consumption, power transfer, and also offers smoothness to your engine.

  • When the engine has a too narrow gap, then a weak and small par would possibly happen. If this gap is not precise enough, then it would lead to a misfiring and reduce the fuel economy as well as the power of your car’s engine.​

How Many Spark Plugs in a V6 Engine?

No matter which type of engine in your car, it is often designed with a minimum of 1 spark plug for each cylinder in order that there is the right ignition of the fuel and air mixture, which causes the engine to run correctly.

A couple of the high-performance engines might have more than one spark plug.

While choosing a spark plug, you should take into consideration some factors as below:​

  • Performance: It always requires a very careful inspection the unit’s level of performance before you go for a spark plug. Also, you could choose not only different styles but also different shapes and the place of the metal tab, including single, double and quad tab. Among them, design with a single tab is highly recommendable.


  • Heat rating: This is probably one of the most important things to look at while buying a spark plug, which would indicate the speed of dissipating heat. A higher heat rating often means a high-performance spark plug.


  • The electrode material: Most of the car owners find it difficult to decide the material of the electrode in a spark plug, which could be iridium, platinum or copper.


To sum up, most people agree that no matter which type of engine you are using, it always requires to have at least a spark plug for each cylinder to help the engine operate correctly.

Also, it is really necessary to know all essential details about the spark plug, from its design, type to its heat rating that it provides before you make a buying decision one for your car’s engine.


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