How to Use a Jump Starter?

It is very important to know how to use a jump starter so that you could be able to use it in a couple of emergency situations on the road when your car is disabled.

You always need to follow the particular guidance of the user book, but the following steps are the typical one that are required to jump start a vehicle:


  • Step 1: Lift the cover of the jump starter.


  • Step 2: Place the battery of the jump starter. If you could not find the battery in the major space of engine, then you should look for a cylinder in red colour, which has a plus mark (+). It must be the jump post of the battery, and it would be situated in different areas depending on the design of a car. If you could not still find it, then you should read the manual of the manufacturer carefully.


  • Step 3: Remove the caps of the jump post. If the battery is situated in the major space of the engine, you could attach it directly to the jump starter. You should make sure to put the switch of power for the device in the off area.


  • Step 4: Attach the red clip of the jump starter clip to the jump post or the red point for the battery. You should also attach the black clip to a fixed metal part of the vehicle’s body or to the black point if possible. Be sure that this part of the car is far from the battery but also located near to the jump starter.

how to use a jump starter


  • Step 5: Look for the button of power on your jump starter and then turn to the opposite side of the device when you turn on the unit. If possible, you should wear the protective device before using the jump starter. This step is performed to reduce or avoid the serious injury since the battery of a jump starter consists of flammable, caustic and dangerous chemicals which would be exploded in a couple of situations. This is the reason why sometimes it is important not to link the negative clamp to the battery, but the ground instead.


  • Step 6: Check to make sure that the pack and the cable of the jump starter are in a safe place that would not get involved in any moving elements in your car. Then get back to your car and turn the ignition on. If the car starts to run, go back to the jump starter and turn off the device. In this situation, you should stop the negative clamp at first before stopping the positive one. Even if you have known the proper way to use the portable jump starter, this method would not work during the first time. If your car does not begin to run, then you should turn off the jump starter and make the whole process another time. But remember to let the jump starter device a few time to cool off again during every time.


In conclusion, the traditional way to jump start a vehicle would require you a lot of wasteful time, heavy device and uncertainty. Thus, using portable jump starter would allow you to depend on yourself in case the car breaks down on the road. However, you should learn how to use a jump start in an effective but also safe way.


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