How to Start Your Car in Cold Weather Easily?

Mornings in cold season are the time when your car would have possible troubles in starting. In general, gas, oil and battery problems could make your automobile hard to start in the winter.

The followings are a couple of useful tips to help car owners to run their car easily and avoid serious problems in cold weather.

To understand what would you do to avoid starting problem in winter, it is important to know why cold conditions make it more difficult to run a car. In general, there are 3 common reasons to most models of car:​

Reason 1: Gas

If there is any water in the lines of gas, low temperatures could make it to freeze and then block the gas flow.

This problem is especially common in the lines of gas that are narrow and easily clogged by ice.

In fact, a car with freezing lines of gas would be started finely, but it would not operate on its own.

Reason 2: Oil in the engine

In the winter, oil in the engine also does not flow, so it is more difficult to move other parts.

This means that the batteries, which have been less powerful by cold conditions, need to operate more to make the engine move, so it could run.

Reason 3: Battery

Car battery and cold weather do not get on well. Most types of chemical battery generate less amount of current when it is cold and even worse in some cases.

Method 1: Avoid Starting Issues in Cold Weather

Step 1: Keep warm for the car

If the oil in engine and the batteries do not work properly in cold weather, then the simplest way to prevent starting issues is to keep them warm, it is always the most possible method.

For example, you would park your in a garage, either heated or unheated one, would help to keep your car warm.

Park under a carport or tree or next to a building.

If you do not have a garage, then you should park near or under big places such as a building, a tree or a carport.

The reason is related to the matter of cooling and heating; a large tree or a big carport would a little more warmer than the outside.

It is very common and necessary to use a block or battery heater in cold weather keep the engines of your car warm during the night.​

Step 2: Use the proper oil

Check the manual guide of car manufacturer to know which type of oil to use during the winter.

Modern types of oil often flow rather well in cold conditions as long as the proper one is used.

Step 3: Prevent problems with gas

In general, gas station and car store would sell you the dry fuel for a gas car and gas conditioner for a diesel car to help you prevent the fuel from freezing.

As a result, you should consider using a conditioner with diesel or a tank of dry gas.

Method 2: Start Your Car


But how would you start your car in the winter? You could get it just by turning your key as usual, but in extreme winter conditions, it is important to be careful with this.

  • Step 1: Turn all of the electric elements off, including the defroster, heater, headlamp and so on. You need to sacrifice everything for the battery to start the engine.


  • Step 2: Next, turn your key and allow the car crank for a short time. If it runs immediately, then it is great. However, if it does not, you should crank it again for a few more times and stop after that. Overheating could easily happen if if the motors are running for more than 10 seconds.


  • Step 3: Next, wait for 1 or 2 minutes and do it again. Everything would become simpler a little bit, so you should not give up for the first time of trying. But you should not also try again immediately as the battery would require 1 or 2 minutes before it could transfer full energy again.


Method 3: If Your Car Runs Slowly

If your car would crank but seem slower than usual, make the battery warm would be the solution.

Unluckily, this often needs to remove it, thus you should skip to jump starting part if you do not know how to complete that.

If you have experiences and necessary devices, you also need to check the clamp and cable of the battery.

Cracked clamp or broken cable could hinder the electrical flow, so you need to check all of them.

If you notice any corroded parts, clean it immediately with a brush and also replace the cracked cable.

Remember that if you do not know how to solve the problems, then the simplest way is to take your car to a more professional expert.


It is essential to know that cold conditions do not only disable the battery in the short time, it could also have permanent effect on them.

As a result, if you want to jump starter your car, then you need to check the health of the battery as soon as possible.​


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