How to Set Up a Kill Switch for Your Car?

One of the most economical and effective method to prevent your car from taking by a thief is probably the kill switch. In general, this device would deter most common amateurs, but might not keep a professional one from stealing your car.

The key factors in setting up the kill switch for your car is the place to install and type.

For most people, the models which would manage the power from the gas pump are a lot more effective than a typical battery one. This is simply it would be well covered and unexpected.

​Why Should You Set Up a Kill Switch for Your Car?

As mentioned above, the most possible reason for setting up a kill switch for a car is to keep low-level and amateur thief from taking it. In addition, this device also help to slow down the professional thieves.


Another common reason might be to prevent other people without permission such as teenager, employee or relative from driving your car. Moreover, a much less possible use might be to stop a car that have already been starting in spite of the your intention.

In comparison with car tracking system or car alarm, a kill switch does not take the energy from the battery. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about draining when you do not run your car for a short time (for example, when you are travelling or on business trip).

Why Are The Disadvantages of The Kill Switch?​

In general, there are three main disadvantages of a kill switch, which will make it easy for a professional thief to take your car.

  • 1. Most professional thieves understand that a car owner would hide his or her kill switch at a convenient area.
  • 2. After finding out the kill switch, they just need to toggle (pushed or flipped) on and off to run the engine drive the car away.
  • 3. In addition, most types of kill switch are only connected under the dash. Therefore, a professional thief could see it easily.

By understanding those disadvantages in advance, a car driver would set up a kill switch more carefully, thereby making it more challenging for a professional thief to steal the car.

How to Set Up a Kill Switch for Your Car?

To do this, you need the following tools and device:

  • Wire wrap.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Voltmeter.
  • Electrical wire.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Solder.

Step 1: Making access to the wires of ignition switch

To set up a kill switch, you would have to connect to the wires of ignition switch. It means that you would have to take a look and find out which wires for connecting the switch. You would obtain these information by checking the manual guide or calling the customer service of any car dealers. To approach the wiring, you have to take the panel off and look for wrapped part around the steering wheel.

Step 2: Select a suitable place to hide the kill switch​

In general, you should place the kill switch at the interior part of the car so that a thief would least likely to notice and find it.

Step 3: Connect with the switch wire​

Cut a piece of electric wire, which is long enough to connect the switch and ignition wires, then join one of them with switch. Cut wires of ignition switch used to run the car into 2 pieces. Then connect them with the ones that you attached to the kill switch. Remember to examine the switch by running the vehicle with “on” and “off” position.

Tips and Warnings​

  • Replace electrical wires of any tools that directly require constant source of power such as radio, or clock to the battery.
  • Remember not to perform any tasks on the electric parts of the battery when you have yet to disconnect the negative point of the battery. Otherwise, you would face the risk of having a fire or shock when operating.

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