How to Purchase a Lamborghini Without Being a Billionaire?

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Having purchased my first own Lamborghini at the age of 25 and three another different models of them, I have a wide range of experience with this famous brand. Believe it or not, I was not too rich in my early age, but still managed to own a Lamborghini by analyzing this market carefully.

If you think of purchasing a Lamborghini car without financial fund or being a billioniare, this article would show you the best ways. In fact, it is completely possible even when you or your parents are not so rich.

To begin with, let me explain to you how possible buying a Lamborghini model could be in the automobile market these days. When most car owners consider purchasing one, they often imagine that you would need to have millions of USD in the bank because of the very exorbitant price of purchase as well as the high expenses of maintenance costs.

Nevertheless, what most people neglect is that in the market these days, you could buy a Gallardo model for free. Even in some situations, you could even get money owning a Lamborghini without the need to have a lot of cash money.

The most difficult part would be purchasing a car as you need to know which version to choose and to be sure you go for the suitable one. The good vehicle is a model with low mileage (under 15 thousand miles) and good history service without accidents.

The following steps are the best method to find and buy a suitable Gallardo car:​

  • Step 1: Look for the favorite color of your car
  • The best ones for a Gallardo model to keep a high value of resaling are as follows in order from low to high: black, blue, gray, silver, yellow, white, orange and green.

  • Step 2: Look for a model new clutch.
  • This is one of the most expensive elements of maintenance that you could do on the Lamborghini. Based on the place you buy or set up, the price of a new clutch could be up to 8000 USD.

  • Step 3: Check out the brakes
  • The brakes of a Gallardo car are really cheap if they are not made with the ceramic elements. Remember to be sure that the brakes of your car are not also low and the rotors are not groovy. The wear of a brake pad could be be checked by looking at its thickness.

  • Step 4: Examine the tires
  • Check the tires if they have tiny cracks in the thread on the edges, which indicates that they are are old and would not work properly. Good brands of tire such as Pirelli or Michelin could cost up to 1500 USD for 4 tires.

    Choosing the suitable car would require proper method as most types of vehicles look good at the exterior appearance, but after checked carefully it turns to another story.​

The Financial Supports That You Might Not Know

Most car owners would often finance a car in traditional method, which is to pay 20 per cent down payment, and pay an installment for the next 60 months. In general, it is normal since your objective is to pay off a Lamborghini faster than the process of depreciating, so a higher payment and large amount of down payment would help you to achieve this goal.

When you finance a Lamborghini Gallardo with 100000 USD, your traditional method would be to pay at least 20000 USD down payment in cash and after that pay about 1500 USD each month in 5 years. This is quite difficult for most car owners as it is not easy to have 20000 USD in cash and pay 1500 USD for a long time.

An alternative option is to pay the same amount of 100000 USD with 0 USD down payment and 7 years of financing. This is still a quite difficult option, but a lot better than the former one.

​Important Factors That You Should Understand to Minimize The Expenses of Ownership

Look for a good independent car shop near your place which is not a dealer and immediately make a relationship. The followings are a couple of basic expenses of independent versus dealer that you need to know:

  • Part: Independent versus dealer shop​
  • Oil replacement: 299 USD versus 599 USD​
  • Brakes pad: 700 USD/all versus 700 USD/axle​
  • ​Rotor: 1800 USD versus 3600 USD
  • Bearing and clutch: 4500 USD versus 7500 USD​

​The gap between the independent and dealer ship is nearly 50 per cent in most situations.

For other aesthetic factors such as radio, interior button, trim and so on, you would use online forums and websites to know who has used elements in the stock from any older vehicles. In general, it could save you a lot of money on accessories particularly if these elements are just available at a dealer like a cracked headlight.

These days, purchasing and owning a Lamborghini car is not a dream at all. By using a proper method, you could enjoy the ownership of a luxurious car.​


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