How to Make Your Own Car from Scratch?

Step 1: Imagine Your Favorite Car

To begin with, start to write down all of factors that you want for your dream automobile.

Those would be a rough list and no need to be detailed or organized as this is only a step to help you have a proper plan.

The most important thing is to think and write everything coming to your mind.

Step 2: Jot Down must-have Features​

Now you would be ready to edit the comparison page to make your own vehicle online.

On the top of the page, you would want to label the name and leaves some blank lines to write your model of car (van, sedan, sport car, etc.) or the budget.

After that, on the left part of the page, start to write down all elements that you totally must have in this car.


Step 3: Jot Down All Luxurious Features​

Now at the right part of the page, begin to jot down all luxurious features that you want to have in your vehicle. This is just a planned list, so do not leave out anything in case you consider it impossible or unable to afford.

The new automobile might not end up having most of those elements, but after finishing the process of manufacturing, you would be able to make a comparison in terms of model and brand based on this list.

Step 4: Various or Random Features​

At this step, it might appear that you are going to make your own vehicle online. Nevertheless, there would be a couple of elements that you might neglect or do not know if they even exist.

When you are designing your own vehicle online, you would notice a couple of features not on the initial list. In some situations, you would be really amazed how a lot of cool accessories, which are not on the initial list, are regarded as a standard parts.

Thus, the bottom part of the page is the area where you would add those elements to the notes.​

Step 5: Get Started to Make Your Own Automobile Online​

Go to the website of your favorite manufacturer which you want to design online.

Most of these websites offer an online link that is connected with the software for making a car online, which would present to you which models and design are available.

After that, choose which model and design that you are interested in designing and filling in the blank space on the top of the page (types of auto, model and brand, etc.). Right now, you are probably ready to make your own new automobile online.

Step 6: Select The Starting Set​

Now, it is the time to have fun with your car. Most of software for designing a car would let the users to select their starting set. If not, you would exit and run the software again.

Go for the starting set (basic elements) for the automobile that you are making online depending on the number of luxurious and must-have accessories that it has. In fact, a set that offers most of these parts would cost you more amount of money.

Step 7: Select The Inside and Outside Elements​

In this step, you would be prepared to truly change the new vehicle online to suit your needs. If you have followed step 6 above, the you would currently be able to imagine what the new automobile looks like with all of the basic elements.

In addition, you should try a wide range of different choices in terms of colour for the inside and outside parts.

Pay attention to some elements such as system of board navigation, system of entertainment or sunroof choices, which would require you to upgrade. After finding out the most suitable mixture, remember to write down the choices that you have selected.​


Step 8: Check for All of The Elements​

Now when you have selected the parts for inside and outside areas, continue to navigate in the software. Check for any luxurious and must – have elements that do not have any notes on them. In case any producers do not provide a specific part, then you would deal with it by simply crossing a line or note “not available (NA) beside it.

Step 9: Submit The Lead or Print The Car Design​

A couple of software for designing the car would let the users to save and probably print this online design.

Although it would not help you a lot in comparing most of the designs that you have made, it would still help to retrieve the favorite automobile so that you would not need to make it again.​


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