How to Do a Burnout in an Automatic Vehicle?

Many people often apply a burnout before each race to warm up the tires of their car. In fact, it could be a shocking display with a large amount of white smoke.

Burnout is refined reasonably in the manual transmission because you would be able to rev the engine to a high rpm before dropping your grip. Adapted transmission does not provide the same abundance, so you need to use a few traps, especially when the car in under-controlled.

Burnout is often considered as one of the most authoritative car traps in the collection of a driver. Its main objective is to make great clamor as well as smoke mist that is similar to this performance.

Again, those traps are used broadly amongst hot rods since warming the tires is a common strategy to improve their velocities.


While it seems to be easy, burnout can be really unsafe with an engine car because letting the wheels turn at high speed while not moving can wear out those wheels. At the same time after elastic blazing, it could lessen footing and wear out the tire or do harm to the tire at a level which will result in physical deterioration.

Even though people may think that they understand their car and believe it is ready to perform a burnout without hurting or debilitating themselves as well as the others, it is not basically the case. If a burnout obliterates the elastic of a tire, the actual effects might not easily clear till the driver is able to go outside. At this point, the risk of the tire could turn into a considerable security threat for everyone in the area.

How to Perform a Burnout in an Automatic Car​?

It is necessary to understand the exact definition of a burnout before you start learning how to do it. In general, burnout is all about delivering the torque to the car’s tires so that they would turn. Once the wheels have turned at a high rate, they will start bursting the tires and result in a surge of white smoke.

Step1: Pour large amount of water onto the black-top. If your car is a low-pull model, you could dowse the area with oil to decrease balance.

Step 2: Position the car so that the drive wheels are in oil or water. This might include moving forward with a front-wheel-drive car or backing with a back wheel-drive car to the puddle.

Step 3: Remove any balance control in the car, which will basically require pushing the catch on your dashboard, yet direct the manual of proprietor for car-specific rules.

Step 4: If you are driving a front-wheel car, pull the handbrake. Try not to do this when you have leveraged the wheel drive. The handbrake is often related to the back wheels, thus it will be helpful for a car with front-wheel drive when doing a burnout.


Step 5: Use left foot to press the brake pedal, and change the car into “drive”.

Step 6: Use right foot to press the gas, while still holding the brake with the left foot. Increase the rpm to approximately 4000.

Step 7: Free the brake. Decreased balance along with torque resulting from high rpm will the tires up. It is absolutely not hard to keep the burnout in high rpm once the balance subsides. To make track in a reverse direction with the burnout, you just need to let the gas off.

Useful Tips for Doing a Burnout

Regardless of if you are trying to do a burnout or turn the automatic car, remember to make sure that you do not perform it for a long period of time.

Depending on the condition of your car, the perfect range would be from 5 to 15 seconds. If it is not too much difficulty, bear in mind that your car will be idle while you are operating the engine arduously to do a burnout.

As you are not going rapidly, there won’t be any extra twist that would chill off the engine like a usual driving. When you are doing a burnout or turning the tires of your car, all of the warmth would sit in the motor accordingly.


Remember to look the gauge of temperature carefully and have a break in the middle of the burnout rehearse. In fact, you could see a lot of recording video on YouTube that show personal attempts to perform a burnout and the the engine detonates. Nobody wants that occur and make sure that you would make the tires of your car turn perfectly.

Good Order of Instructions​

In fact, you would perform a burnout easily in a truck or an automatic car if the engine would produce high torque. For example, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Chevrolet Colorado 4WD and Chevrolet Impala are amongst the best 300 drive car.

  • Step 1: Run the engine and use the left foot to wander on brake pedal.
  • Step 2: Release the e-brake or handbrake and change the apparatus selector to 1 or D.
  • Step 3: Rev the motor and release the brake a little bit, then you can do a burnout. If you need to stop it, just release the gas pedal.

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