How Much Money for a Car Door Replacement?

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In general, there a couple of important things that decide the expense of replacing a door in your car. Who sets up the door and where to buy it could have a significant effect on the cost as well as the expense of painting a door to have the same color with the rest of your vehicle. In addition, the model or brand of a vehicle would also affect the cost of the change. For example, replacement in a Porsche car is definitely more expensive than that in a Toyota model. If your car has an accident which leads to the damage of the doors, you might make a contact with the insurance firms. In general, they might take the responsibility to cover full or part of the repairing expenses.

Where Would You Look for a Door​?

You should consider a couple of choices while looking for a proper replacement for the door of your car. In case that you have a high budget, you should purchase a substitute door directly from the car manufacturer or a dealer. Otherwise, if you just have a tight budget, you could still buy a proper door for replacement and other important elements at any online shops or a junk stores. While the door from a car manufacturer would cost you more money, you need to understand that it would fit. It is quite difficult to look for a precise size and model of door for replacement from a secondhand store.

Who would change a door?​

If the insurance company cover the expense of changing a broken door in your car, then you should have a professional mechanic performed this task to make sure that it is done in a proper way. Otherwise, if the insurance firm just covers a part of the expense, it might be more convenient that you tackle the problem yourself as it would help to reduce the expense of labor and save a lot of money. However, setting up the door inappropriately would lead to extra damage and finally make you cost even more amount of money than hiring a professional expert to perform it at first.

Functioning versus Frame Door​

You should notice that the door is only a frame itself. Thus, to make a door work again, you have to set up internal elements such as the wires, the hardware, the window and other electrical elements, which generates a considerable amount of task after you connect the door to the body of your car.

Go Shopping​

For any ideas of the exact price for replacing a door in your car, you could found the door of Ford F-150 online without any lock elements or windows at the price of more than 100 USD. This number for replacing a door of Toyota Camry is approximately 150 USD. Depending on the position of door that needs to be changed, it would cost you from 500 to 600 USD for a Kia Forte. A Mercedes-Benz door could cost about 650 USD or more. You could find those models of door cheaper and more reasonable at any secondhand auto, but those prices just reflect the cover. For an actual cost of changing a door in your car with most new elements such as the window, the lock and even a door handle in several situations, which could cost you at least more 100 USD on the final expense.

Although the cost of labor is different, it would generally be about 200 USD in most situations for popular cars such as the Kia Forte, the Toyota Camry and the Ford F-150. Nevertheless, a Mercedes-Benz would cost you in the range from 500 to 700 USD expense of labor as it is a luxurious car. In addition, you would pay an extra amount of money from 100 to 200 USD for a paint task with high quality to make a new door match with the rest of your car. As a result, it would make the total expense of repair for a Ford F-150 to the range from 250 USD to 500 USD, a Toyota Camry from 300 USD to 550 USD, a Kia Forte from 700 USD to 900 USD and a Mercedes-Benz from 1000 USD to 1500 USD.

To sum up, all of above information could be done in reality to look for the most suitable door for your car. By going around and comparing the prices between various local as well as online auto stores, you will save a lot of time and money on replacing the door for your car.


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