Effective Way to Eliminate Ink from Fabric Seat

Before you start the process of cleaning your car seat, the followings are a couple of things that you need to prepare:

  • 4 microfibre cloths
  • Ink mark remover: hairspray, rubbing wine, white alcohol or upholstery mark remover
  • A pail
  • Warm water
  • Paper towel
  • Soap (just for the alcohol method)

Step 1: Prepare for the Ink mark

In general, it would be very challenging to eliminate the ink mark when it has set into the seat.

This is the reason why you should remove it as soon as you could.

Take a paper towel and then use it to take in any excessive ink mark which has set into the seat of your car.

Touch the seat easily and try to eliminate as much of the ink mark as you could. Do not press the mark because it would just make it spread farther.

Useful tip: While you are touching the seat, remember to do from the exterior and move gradually to the middle.​

eliminate ink from car seats

​Step 2: Use the ink mark remover

There are some types of homemade mark removers which you could use for ink that has set in the seat of your car. The followings are the most practical choices:

  • Upholstery mark remover
  • White wine
  • Hairspray
  • Rubbing wine: 70 per cent alcohol is enough, but 90 per cent is the suggested number.

Rubbing wine

  • Use a little rubbing alcohol for the microfiber cloths, and then check it at any places of the car seat. In general, this would help you to figure out whether the rubbing wine would lead to lasting damage to the fabric seat.
  • If the rubbing wine would pass the test above, use a little more rubbing wine to the microfiber cloths and then eliminating the ink mark.
  • Keep removing the ink mark with the cloths until most of the stains have been eliminated. If the cloths are full of ink in this task, you should change to the new one.

Useful tips:

1. You should not use the rubbing wine for triacetate, acetate or rayon since it would damage your fabric seat.

2. Remember to use the rubbing wine to the microfiber cloths, never directly use it for the ink mark.


  • Directly squirt a little hairspray to the ink mark.
  • Grasp the microfiber cloths and remove the ink mark.
  • If the mark is difficult to be removed, use more hairspray to the mark and keep rubbing. Do this task until all of the stain disappear.

White wine

  • Mix 2 small spoons of wine, a large spoon of soap and a cup of water.
  • Make the cloths wet with this mixture, and then rub on the ink mark with the cloths. Let this mixture sit for about 10 minutes.
  • After ending 10 minutes, rub the mark again by holding a clean cloths soaked with cold water. As a result, the ink mark would disappear.

Useful tip: Although white wine contains acid, it is still effective and safe for your hand to use.

Nevertheless, you should take a test with this mixture on any places of the fabric seat before starting to remove the ink mark.

Upholstery mark remover

  • Use a little of stain remover for a clean microfiber cloth and then rub on the ink mark with the cloths. The ink mark would start to disappear when you rub.
  • Put more amount of mark remover to the clean section of the cloths and keep rubbing the place until all of the marks disappear.

Step 3: Wash the ink mark remover with clean water

After eliminating the ink mark, you would also need to eliminate all signs of the cleaning mixture used.

Wet the microfiber cloths with clean water, and then rub on the area repeatedly to make sure that there is no mark remover left. After that, get the dry cloths and make them wet with clean water.​

Step 4: Check the area again​

When the area has been completely dry, which would take a couple of hours, you should go back and check whether the mark is totally disappeared.

If there is still a little ink mark left on the fabric seat, you should complete the process once more time.

Nevertheless, if there is much ink mark left, you could try to use another way of removing ink mark.


​Ink mark could be annoying for most of us, but there are a lot of methods to resolve this problem.

So do not worry if the pen has spilled into the fabric seat.

You could use the useful steps above to help your seat get to the initial condition.

And do not forget to share this guide with all of your friends. Those useful tips would save them a lot of money and time.​


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