Common Problems and Practical Solutions on Car

There are a couple of annoying cases that you could not start the car, particularly when you are trying to go to school or work on time. In general, these issues would range from simple problems that you would be able to tackle yourself to more complex one that require the professional service of a car repair.

​Running Out of Gas

It would sound easy, but remember to check if the car is running out of fuel as without gas, the engine could not start and operate.

Sign: The car runs and then dies immediately or in even worse situations, the car would not run at all.​

What should you do​:

  • 1. If you could read the fuel gauge without running your car, then a quick look could help you to know whether it is running out of fuel.
  • 2. If you could not read the fuel gauge when the car is off, then pump more fuel to the tank.
  • 3. Try to start your car. If it begins to run, then you have done.

Drained or Dead Battery

In general, this is one of the most common problems in starting a car. Luckily, this issue is easy to identify and solve.

Sign: An improper battery often leads to a lot of issues, basing on how much energy left in the battery is. In fact, to know whether the problem comes from the battery, you should turn the overhead lights on or check the headlight. If they would not operate or light as normal, your battery would be a dead one. Try to turn the windscreen wiper on. If they run back and forth in a very slow pace, then your battery would be just a drained one.​

What should you do​: If you have a drained battery, then you could increase the energy by following those steps yourself:

  • 1. Gather the jumper lead up, and make sure that you have a car running normally nearby.
  • 2. Connect the lead to all of the batteries in your car, red point to red point and black point to black point.
  • 3. Start the car.
  • 4. Allow the car operate for a few hours to charge the batteries. If the engine is no more than 3 years old, you could achieve this easily. Nevertheless, if it is an old battery, the process of charging would not be as expected and you need to change to a new battery just to keep safety.

Ignition Part Does not Work Properly

In some situations, the ignition device would not work correctly. The lock system of steering could be blocked or the system of ignition would crack. In addition, on latest models of car, this part needs to have the ability to identify the key electrically.

Sign: you could not turn the key after put it in the ignition and then your car does not run.​

What should you do:​

  • 1. Make sure to park your car.
  • 2. Check the key again. If you use several cars, you would mix up the keys unintentionally in the keychain.
  • 3. Try to use a spare key in case the main one is wearing out.
  • 4. If you could not turn the ignition on, then try to wriggle the wheel of steering wheel to know whether it could unlock.
  • 5. Lastly, take the car to a professional expert if mentioned solutions above do not work. In this case, you would need to have a new system of ignition.

Blocked Engine Filter

An exact mixture of air and gas is the essential factors for a car to run properly. This combination would be interrupted because of a blocked engine filter.

Sign: the car seems to start but not when you turn a key.​

What should you do:​

  • 1. You could see an engine filter in front or on the right of most motors. It is often a big black box.
  • 2. Most engine filters are attached screws. Thus, you should use a screwdriver to take away the screws.
  • 3. If it is very filthy, then change to a new one.

Loose or Bad Sparking Plug

Problems in electric system is probably one of the most challenging one when a car runs improperly or even does not run. This form of issues is regularly, but not always in relation to the sparking plug.

Sign: When you need to run your car, it could sputter but does not start. Or in other cases, it would run but then stop after a few minutes.​

What should you do:​

  • 1. Drive your car to a dark area (when the outside is dark). Nevertheless, remember not to run your car in a confined area in hazardous CO gas would lead to death.
  • 2. Open the cover of the car.
  • 3. Get a person to take a flashlight and stand in front of the engine while you are turning the system of ignition on.
  • 4. Turn the flashlight off and carefully check the engine. If you could notice any tiny sparks from the wires, you need to take your car to a professional mechanic.

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