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When Should You Wash Your Car?

Have you ever stopped the car in front of a store or your office just to return and find out that anyone has just written a message: “wash me, please”? This is rather a funny situation when this text is located on somebody else’s vehicle, but it is also really disappointed to know that you […]

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Useful Tips for Washing The Engine

The engines of a car are important and powerful, we often forget or ignore to clean them. In fact, the motor of our car are overlooked over the time mainly because we do not believe that it is really vital or we are scared of causing damage to the motors while cleaning them. The […]

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10 Easy Steps to Clean The Engine of a Car

Step 1: Secure Electric Wires and Important Parts Using the silver foil or the plastic bag to cover all of the electric wires and casing. If they are filthy, you could use your hand to clean them after removing most of water from the motor. Apply the same thing with the alarm, alternator device and […]

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Top 7 Best Car Buffer Reviews 2020

In the process of cleaning and making your favorite automobile look new and brilliant, buffing is definitely one of the most decisive tasks. In fact, this is a stage of vehicle cleaning which helps to bring back the look of your car and provide an incredible shining quality of the surface. In general, this process […]

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