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How Many Miles Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

Most of the car owners agree that a spare tire is a useful safety net, but this is not necessarily meant to replace the flat tire if their car indefinitely.Not all types of spare tire are made equal, so keep in mind to check your car owner’s manual guide to have a better understanding of […]

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Top 5 Best Chrome Polishes for Car 2017

meguiarsonline.comFor most of us, owning a car would be a pleasure, but maintaining a vehicle to be clean most of the time would be another thing that always requires dedication and sacrifice. And chrome trim pieces are one of the most important parts to consider during this process. If brand new, these areas look like […]

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Top 10 Best Tire Shine and Buying Guide 2017

When you have a look at the overall look of your car, tires will play a really important role. Vehicle with gross, wet, sticky and messy tires does not look so good for most car owners. In general, the tires could be dirty rather fast due to their contact with grease, dust, road tar, and […]

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Comparison between All Season Tire and Snow Tire

Many of car owners get confused while trying to determine if they should use all season tire or snow tire. Thus, it is important to understand the differences between these 2 types of tire as it would help to save a lot of your money and time as well as prevent you from possible incidents. […]

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Pros and Cons of Snow Tire versus Studded Tire

Sometimes, it could be difficult to drive in the winter. And the best way to deal with the capricious nature of the roads in this season is to use snow tire for your car. Fortunately, if you are trying to find out the most suitable snow tires, then there are a wide range of choices […]

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