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How to Drain The Fuel Tank of a Car?

Method 1: Diphon The Fuel 1. Drive your vehicle to emptyIf your car have the wrong gas in its tank, you should turn on the vehicle and then run it to empty. After that, park and let the car cool down before starting to drain the tank. 2. Buy a system of gas siphonEasily found […]

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Top 5 Best Brake Fluid and Buying Guide 2020

In general, most types of brake fluid are synthetic hydraulic, which is used to transfer the pressure and power throughout all components of the brake. In other words, they are often applied to transfer force to pressure. And this is the way that your foot apply pressure on the brakes to stop a car. Therefore, […]

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What is The Color of Gasoline?

In the past, gas was sold in the market without any added dyes in the elements. However, the government these days requires this form of fuel to be transacted with 3 different colors, including blue, red and clear. This is one of the newest effort of the Congress as well as the federal authority to […]

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How Often Should You Change Oil in Your Car?

When would you change oil in your car? Although it is necessary to change the oil in your car regularly, car owners often put this process off and would lead to serious problems with their motors. Getting the oil altered appropriately and at the proper time could make a striking difference between an effective engine and […]

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