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What Does It Mean When Oil Leaks to Spark Plug?

Generally speaking, oil leaking into the car’s spark plug well is often a sign of a quite serious issue, which should be immediately checked and repaired. In most cases, it is usually the results of a failing O-ring, gasket, a worn valve guide, or a defective piston. When the oil makes its way to the spark […]

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Does Octane Booster Work for Your Vehicle?

Octane is a colorless and flammable hydrocarbon compound of alkane series that can be found in petroleum. It is often used in a car and later by two-wheelers. In general, we can see the increase of octane in petroleum when using the octane booster, which can be used as anti-knock additive. When you add this […]

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How to Use Rubbing Compound to Remove Scratches?

Most of us are often afraid of seeing scratches on the surface of our vehicle, even after thorough care? This would be the bad news, but it would be also the good news. This article will show you how to remove them by using rubbing compound. For most people, car scratch is painful, particularly when you […]

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Top 5 Best Oil Filter and Buying Guide 2019

Most of the car owners agree that the lifespan of their vehicles highly depends on the performance of the engine. However, due to the changing road and climatic conditions, the car engines have increasingly exposed to harsh weather conditions that would put their performance at risk. These days, we have seen the most efficient running engines […]

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