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Safety Tips for The Power Inverters

Cautions for Appliance:Do not connect any small appliance with the AC socket of a power inverter to directly charge the batteries made by Ni-Cd. You should use the recharger attached with the appliance. Do not connect a battery charger with any cordless devices if you see the warning on a charger that dangerous power is possible […]

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How to Use a Jump Starter?

It is very important to know how to use a jump starter so that you could be able to use it in a couple of emergency situations on the road when your car is disabled. You always need to follow the particular guidance of the user book, but the following steps are the typical one […]

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Common Questions on Power Inverters

What is a power inverter and what could you use it for? Power inverter is a device that helps you to change the DC current from the battery to traditional AC current. Thus, you could use it to function most types of device such as computer, radio, television, power device, microwave, kitchen appliance and electrical […]

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Best Portable Jump Starter Reviews in 2020

Have you ever get stuck in on the road with heavy snow and wait hours for help because of a died or drained battery? Well, even though you are a cautious man, who takes care of your car very well, the worst things would happen in the most unwanted situation. In other words, the Murphy’s […]

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