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How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a V6?

What is a Spark Plug?The spark plug is a useful device that provides the electrical currents to the ignition engine from an explosion system. It is basically designed with a metal shell, which is electrically isolated with the usage of the chinaware insulator. Also, a spark plug is commonly used in determining the ionization in […]

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How Much Money to Lower Your Car?

1. Modify The Leaf SpringMost old model of cars often use the leaf spring as the suspension system. Thus, if you need to lower a classic car 2.5 inches or less, then the simplest and also the cheapest method to do that is to modify the leaf spring. However, you need to know that adjusting […]

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How Much Air Should You Put in a Tire?

In general, a lot of car owners usually ask us whether they should inflate the tires based on the maximum P.S.I or pounds per square inch mentioned on the internet. Nevertheless, the maximum number is not always the best one when it comes to the proper pressure of a tire. To have a durable tire […]

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How Many Miles Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

Most of the car owners agree that a spare tire is a useful safety net, but this is not necessarily meant to replace the flat tire if their car indefinitely. Not all types of spare tire are made equal, so keep in mind to check your car owner’s manual guide to have a better understanding of […]

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