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How to Wire Tweeters in a Car?

If you want to venture into upgrading the audio system in your car, it is important to learn how to wire a tweeter, a type of speaker that is made to offer high frequencies that standard speakers cannot reach. Along with the woofers, which cover low frequencies or bass, they are able to make a […]

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Easy Tips To Make Your Car Shoot Spit Flames

If your car has any type of attachment to the exhaust system, you should consider turning it to a flamethrower as the top priority on your to-do list. For most of us, there is still no denying that the flame-spitting vehicle looks badass. Therefore, in this article, we will show you a handy and simple […]

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What Does It Mean When Oil Leaks to Spark Plug?

Generally speaking, oil leaking into the car’s spark plug well is often a sign of a quite serious issue, which should be immediately checked and repaired. In most cases, it is usually the results of a failing O-ring, gasket, a worn valve guide, or a defective piston. When the oil makes its way to the spark […]

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What Should You Do When Your Car Dies While Driving?

For many car drivers, there is nothing as annoying as when their vehicle starts having a trouble while they are driving on the road. Why does such a thing occur? And what steps could you take when your vehicle dies while you are driving it? Keep reading this post to get the best solution to […]

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