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New Trends in The World of Cars

Automobile connectivityOver the last few years, the gap between the lifestyle of passenger and driver has been gradually narrowed. You could notice several examples of this trend in a couple of famous motor shows. The variety of connected features that a car offers makes sure a much smoother trip and an improved experience of driving. […]

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Young People Are Out of Love with Automobile

In general, people in gen X and baby boom has been the loyal customer of car industry for the past decades. Automobile have played an important role in the lives of this generation and though in demand, their desires and interests have always been understood, well researched and catered for by famous car manufacturers.In contrast, […]

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How Often Should You Change Oil in Your Car?

When would you change oil in your car? Although it is necessary to change the oil in your car regularly, car owners often put this process off and would lead to serious problems with their motors. Getting the oil altered appropriately and at the proper time could make a striking difference between an effective engine and […]

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Effective Way to Eliminate Ink from Fabric Seat

Before you start the process of cleaning your car seat, the followings are a couple of things that you need to prepare: 4 microfibre cloths Ink mark remover: hairspray, rubbing wine, white alcohol or upholstery mark removerA pailWarm waterPaper towelSoap (just for the alcohol method) Quick Navigation Step 1: Prepare for the Ink mark​Step 2: […]

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How to Use a Jump Starter?

It is very important to know how to use a jump starter so that you could be able to use it in a couple of emergency situations on the road when your car is disabled. You always need to follow the particular guidance of the user book, but the following steps are the typical one […]

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