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Are You Angry with Transmission Slipping in Your Car?

Any issues with the transmission would result in serious troubles or even permanent damage to your automobile. However, there is no need to panic since you could prevent this problem by paying to the symptoms that indicate the slipping of transmission and finding out the possible reasons behind it. In general, the gearbox or the […]

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How to Start Your Car in Cold Weather Easily?

Mornings in cold season are the time when your car would have possible troubles in starting. In general, gas, oil and battery problems could make your automobile hard to start in the winter. The followings are a couple of useful tips to help car owners to run their car easily and avoid serious problems in […]

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Safety Tips for The Power Inverters

Cautions for Appliance:Do not connect any small appliance with the AC socket of a power inverter to directly charge the batteries made by Ni-Cd. You should use the recharger attached with the appliance. Do not connect a battery charger with any cordless devices if you see the warning on a charger that dangerous power is possible […]

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5 Strange Sounds That Need to be Checked

If you hear any odd or strange sounds from the car, it would need to be repaired by a professional mechanic. In general, latest models of car are getting better than ever before, but they still require frequent maintenance. However, a lot of car owners do not realize a necessary repair till some problems appear, […]

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What Are Irritating Noises When You Are Turning Your Car?

Could you say what the noise is like? It is a popping, grinding, clicking, grumbling, humming, squealing, screeching, crunching or clunk sound? As a mechanic, I often get a lot of questions from car owners for advice about their automobile, especially when it make a strange noise. In general, it is quite simple to discern […]

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