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5 Common Brake Problems in Vehicles

Problems in brake system could be daunting if you do not know the exact reasons behind them. In this post, we will cover 5 most common brake issues so that you can understand what the cause of the problem before having a mechanic replaced it. 1. Car Shaking When BrakingIf the whole vehicle shakes when you […]

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Simple Guide to Install a Body Kit on Your Car

Installing a body kit on a vehicle is a quite great commitment. In general, a body kit consists of rear and front bumpers, paint, side guards, and spoilers. With anything that would considerably change the appearance of your car, it is necessary to be patient and think everything twice. If not, the final work might […]

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How to Unlock The Radio in a GMC or Chevy Car?

In general, both GMC and Chevy vehicles are designed with a Theftlock radio, which renders the inoperable stereo to a would-be thief. However, the drawback of a Theftlock system is that when the battery becomes disconnected or dies, you would need to deactivate the whole system by entering the radio code.No matter if you have […]

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What is a Transaxle?

A transaxle is basically a complex machine in your car, which brings together final drive components such as a differential and a transmission. Therefore, this part is able to drive the axles without the need of any other parts. This is especially helpful in front-wheel drive vehicles in which CV axles could be directly plugged […]

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How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a V6?

What is a Spark Plug?The spark plug is a useful device that provides the electrical currents to the ignition engine from an explosion system. It is basically designed with a metal shell, which is electrically isolated with the usage of the chinaware insulator. Also, a spark plug is commonly used in determining the ionization in […]

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