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What Would Happen if You Put Brake Fluid in Power Steering?

Many people often wonder what would happen when they accidentally put brake fluid into power steering. Is it going to cause some troubles with the power steering? Does it lead to a severe damage? Do you need to consider it as a serious problem? Does it require a thorough flushed out of fluid and then […]

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What Should You Do When Oil in Coolant Reservoir?

In general, most of us understand that oil in the engine should never mix with the coolant or water. If it does so, you need to pay attention to something that is going wrong with your learn more about this problem, you need to know the basic function of the engine to easily identify […]

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How to Fix Limp Mode in Your Car?

What is The Reason for Limp Mode?Computers in automobiles have been responsible for controlling and monitoring different since the 1980s. At first, they were used mainly for fuel economy and emissions control, but within a couple of years, many more parts were operated by the computer such as handling, climate control, airbags, and anti-lock braking.These […]

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What Should You Know about Limp Mode in Your Vehicle?

Everytime when your car starts losing its power and then suddenly comes back when you restart, it could be considered as a sign of Limp Mode hitch. In general, this is a common problem that often occurs when you are driving at high speed, especially on expressway, highway, or over the hill. Thus, the engine […]

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