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What Does It Mean When Oil Leaks to Spark Plug?

Generally speaking, oil leaking into the car’s spark plug well is often a sign of a quite serious issue, which should be immediately checked and repaired. In most cases, it is usually the results of a failing O-ring, gasket, a worn valve guide, or a defective piston.When the oil makes its way to the spark […]

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What Should You Do When Your Car Dies While Driving?

For many car drivers, there is nothing as annoying as when their vehicle starts having a trouble while they are driving on the road. Why does such a thing occur? And what steps could you take when your vehicle dies while you are driving it? Keep reading this post to get the best solution to […]

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5 Common Brake Problems in Vehicles

Problems in brake system could be daunting if you do not know the exact reasons behind them. In this post, we will cover 5 most common brake issues so that you can understand what the cause of the problem before having a mechanic replaced it. 1. Car Shaking When BrakingIf the whole vehicle shakes when you […]

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Simple Guide to Install a Body Kit on Your Car

Installing a body kit on a vehicle is a quite great commitment. In general, a body kit consists of rear and front bumpers, paint, side guards, and spoilers. With anything that would considerably change the appearance of your car, it is necessary to be patient and think everything twice. If not, the final work might […]

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