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How Many Miles Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

Most of the car owners agree that a spare tire is a useful safety net, but this is not necessarily meant to replace the flat tire if their car indefinitely.Not all types of spare tire are made equal, so keep in mind to check your car owner’s manual guide to have a better understanding of […]

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5 Common Reason Why Your Car Is Vibrating

Vibration is probably one of the most common and annoying issues in cars. Moreover, it usually creeps up on the owners subtly and gradually until they wonder how they ever put up with such an irritation.In fact, the fixing might be simple and cheap, like a tire balance or rotation. Or it would signal more […]

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How to Drift Your Car Effectively?

In general, you need to drift your car when its back slides and then regains the control. When this is done safely and suitably, it would be usually really exciting Step 1: What should you do before starting to drift? 1. Install a cone at the center of the blacktop. Then drive the car […]

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How Does a Map Sensor Work in Your Car?

Perhaps you might hear this term several times when a car salesperson is talking about different features of a car. Have you ever wondered what is exactly a MAP sensor and how does it work in your car? In this article, we will show you all necessary information on this important element.MAP SensorMAP or Manifold […]

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How to Check and Get Rid of Engine Sludge?

Car drivers who do a lot of stop-and-go driving before ignoring to replace their oil might be facing with a sludge problem in the engine. And this is definitely the bad news for their car even though engine sludge might not seem to be a big deal. In general, it happens when the oil in […]

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