Top 5 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo

Having a good sound system could definitely make your driving experience more interesting and enjoying. However, a car that is equipped with the most modern stereo technology is often not in the normal price range of many owners.

Choosing a touchscreen car stereo which could be set up to your own automobile is the initial step to have a great sound system.

These days, manufactures provide us with a wide range of stereo models with different features, designs, prices and functions in the market.

In addition, they are also rater a big investment in comparison with other electronic device available. Therefore, which product or brand is the most suitable one to choose would be always a difficult choice, depending on your personal tastes and model of your cars?

To help you in making a suitable buying decision, we have collected and reviewed some of popular car stereo models in the market with basic features, price, and important factors.​

Top 5 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Recommendations 

Image Name Product My Rating Price
Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM-Ready  

4.9 / 5.0

BOSS AUDIO BV9976B Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote  

4.8 / 5.0


Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display and Bluetooth  

4.8 / 5.0


Upgarde Version With Camera ! 6.2″ Double 2 DIN Car DVD CD Video Player Bluetooth GPS Navigation Digital Touch Screen Car Stereo Radio Car PC 800MHZ CPU !!!  

4.7 / 5.0

Planet Audio P9640B Double-Din 6.2 inch Touchscreen DVD Player, Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote  

4.6 / 5.0



Which Important Factors When Buying Touch Screen Car Stereo?

When you are going for a touch screen stereo for your car, it is obvious that you want to choose a model that is easy to install or access, and would offer a lot of necessary features. When it comes to ease of use, there are a couple of important factors for you to take into consideration so that you could choose the most suitable touch screen stereo for your car:


The first thing is that some of latest models could work compatibly with iPhone or tablet. It means that you would use your portable device as a remote instead of using the touchscreen.

Detachable Screens

A couple of products are designed with completely detachable screen, which could be passed around your car. In other words, you would not need to lean over awkwardly to use a stereo thanks to Bluetooth technology. Instead, you just have to take the touchscreen and simply use it.

Large Displays

Bigger screen would be a better choice if you want to have an easier use, which would keep you from being frustrated. Always make sure that you go for a display which would shows all basic information such as album name, artist, song, time. If it is made with improved graphics, then you would see the screen easily, thereby making it simpler and control and adjust your touch screen stereo.

Good Sound

To achieve this, you could try to look for adaptable fine tuning or enhanced processors.

Video Display

For many people, it is really convenient and handy to play videos in their car, particularly from smartphone, simply because it helps a driver to has more choices to entertain during a boring drive on the road.

Application Mode

These days, a lot of stereo models provide user with application control such as Internet radio, Spotify or Pandora.

We could connect our smartphone or iPod with them through a USB or Bluetooth technology.

Stereos with Android support would also be able to access applications and music in Android smartphones.​

Satellite Radio

It is already quite common these days, so looking for a stereo model with SiriusXM ready would be not so difficult. In fact, this is controlled and managed by a satellite radio tuner.


If you are planning to change the factory speaker, then you would have to take a look at the power rating of the brand name and go for a model with better power.

Preamp Output

Those play an important role in connecting the external amplifier to power the speaker or subwoofer. In general, your car needs to be equipped with at least 1 set, but the output or number would be different. Always bear in your mind that the greater the voltage of output, the better your signal would be.

Top 3 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews 


1. Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM-Ready

    • For the last few years, Pioneer has built a good reputation for offering the best features and technology that any drivers want to equip for their car stereo.
    • First of all, the AVH-X2800BS version would work compatibly and easily with an in-dash DVD player, which would allow you to sift and regulate the quality of sound. This is even improved by a graphic equalizer in 13 bands.
    • In addition, you could install this stereo simply on the dash of your car thanks to a lightweight form. And its good looking design also helps to increase the aesthetic of your car’s interior part. With hands-free feature, a car driver would easily control this device while he or she is still driving on the road, thereby improving the convenience.
    • Last but not least, for all music lover drivers, this product is really a perfect choice simply because it offers user with a wide variety of audio features so that you could listen to your favorite song in more options.


      • Perfect design.
      • Lightweight.
      • Provide hands-free features for more convenience.
      • Offer a wide variety of audio features.


      • Have noises with high frequency once turned on.
      • Quite expensive.


2. BOSS AUDIO BV9976B Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote

    • This car stereo of BOSS would definitely make a road trip in the summer full of fun and music. In general, the BV9976B is a simple device to install if you want to set it up yourself and it is also designed with most necessary features that a music lover needs.
    • In general, there are a couple of listening choices available for you such as SD, DVD/CD player and especially USD port, which could be used for connection with an iPhone or iPad to store music as well as charging.
    • The quality of sound is perfect even when you are streaming music through Bluetooth technology with applications like Spotify or Pandora, and making a hands-free call at the same time.
    • Lastly, a built-in backup camera would allow you to reverse in confined spots without worrying about causing accidents.


      • Perfect sound quality.
      • Provide different choices of listening.
      • Different colors of illumination.
      • Built-in camera.
      • Reasonable price.


      • Just watch the DVD when turning on the parking break.



3. Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display and Bluetooth

    • The AVH-280BT of Pioneer would provide a car driver with the most modern technology in this industry, from LED display, DVD playback to hands-free calling feature. It is also designed with a user-friendly, reactive and customizable 6.2-inch touchscreen display, which would show album information, time, song, and the artist.
    • When it comes to quality of sound, this device would provide you with clear and clean music song thanks to the connection with a wired USB system, which makes sure the direct transfer of digital signal.
    • Bluetooth technology would be the feature that plays most important part in making the AVH-280BT more convenient use when it helps you to choose a song just by using your smartphone wirelessly.
    • You would switch between 3 different modes of color for your display to match the vehicle’s inner light with device illumination.
    • An additional benefit of this model is that it could be connected directly to any portable devices such as iPhone or iPod by using an optional cable called CD-IU51. Therefore, you would charge your portable device while the stereo is still playing music.


      • Reasonable price.
      • Could charge portable devices.
      • Large display with adequate information.
      • User-friendly interface.
      • Hands-free feature.
      • Customized color.
      • Integrated Bluetooth technology.


      • You would hardly see anything on the display in sunny days.
      • Do not update songs played via Bluetooth.



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