Top 5 Best 6×9 Car Speakers and Buying Guide 2020

Along with 6.5-inch speakers, 6×9 models are probably one of the largest and most popular sizes in the market these days. These are often placed in the premade enclosure boxes or on the rear deck of your car.

If you are looking for a speaker to add some bass or upgrade the sound quality in your car without the hassle of other subwoofer and amplifier, then a 6×9 speaker is definitely a perfect choice. They are often designed with a bigger woofer than other models, which makes them able to reproduce fuller and stronger bass notes.

To help you make a good buying decision on the best 6×9 speakers for your car. We have made a list of five most common models with short reviews as well as pros and cons based on our hands-on experience with loudspeaker market. Hope your find this review helpful.​


Top 5 Best 6×9 Car Speaker Recommendations

Image Name Product My Rating Price
Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers, Pack of 2  

4.9 / 5.0

BOSS Audio CH6930 400 Watt (Per Pair), 6 x 9 Inch, Full Range, 3 Way Car Speakers (Sold in Pairs)  

4.8 / 5.0

CERWIN VEGA XED693 6 x 9 Inches 350 Watts Max 3-Way Coaxial Speaker Set  

4.8 / 5.0

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2  

4.7 / 5.0


Kicker DS693 6″x9″ 3-Way Speakers (Pair)  

4.7 / 5.0



Top 5 Best 6×9 Car Speaker Reviews 


1. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers, Pack of 2

    • This Kenwood model is one of the best-selling 6×9 car speakers in the market these days thanks to perfect sound quality for an affordable price. In fact, this is probably the best 3-way units that Kenwood has to offer.
    • It produces sound from 3 separate units, including the tweeter drivers, mid-range, and woofer, each of them has their greatest efficiency in a particular frequency ranges. Therefore, this model is able to offer a more accurate and clearer sound.
    • The KFC-6965S of Kenwood is able to handle the RMS power of 45W and is rated for 92 dB, meaning that it is a very sensitive speaker. This makes it especially suitable for both high and low-powered audio systems. And its high efficiency also allow it to work effortlessly with an aftermarket or stock head unit.


      • Affordable price.
      • Easy to install.
      • Good power handling rating.
      • Require no amp.
      • Extensive warranty.


      • Sold only in pairs.
      • Not so deep bass.



2. BOSS Audio CH6930 400 Watt (Per Pair), 6 x 9 Inch, Full Range, 3 Way Car Speakers (Sold in Pairs)

  • What make these BOSS CH6930 speakers different from other models in the market are not only high-quality sound, but also impressive Chaos designs with poly-coated and red metallic paper cones, which will definitely improve the interior of your car.
  • The cones of these speakers are made of polyurethane, which is a very durable and resilient material, to help them last for a longer time.
  • With high-tech Mylar tweeter, these units are generally able to provide a wider range of channel handling and sound modifications. Unlike a paper cone, this part has greater rate of durability so that it does not tear or rip easily under unusual frequency changes. Also, the speakers of this device are capable of elevated or higher fatigue properties and temperature strength, which would improve the efficiency and performance of heavy-duty playtime through higher operating temperatures and lower weight.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Impressive design.
  • Long lasting.


  • Lack of mid sounds.


3. CERWIN VEGA XED693 6 x 9 Inches 350 Watts Max 3-Way Coaxial Speaker Set

    • Cerwin Vega has always been one of the most favorite brands in loudspeaker industry that is famous for high-quality products with perfect sound performance.
    • With a wide range of frequencies, these XED693 speakers provide the user with perfect mids and lows, along with the proper amount of highs. Therefore, you will find the sound quality incredible regardless of music styles. In addition, thanks to a high sensitivity rating, you do not need so much power to produce a clear and loud sound.
    • When it comes to the price, these speakers are quite inexpensive in comparison with other similar models in the loudspeaker market these days. Therefore, they will be the good options when you are looking for a sound system in your car with a tight budget.
    • If you want to replace the factory speakers in your car, then go for Cerwin Vega XED693. It will definitely make your driving experience more enjoyable and incredible.


      • High sensitivity.
      • Good sound quality.
      • Inexpensive.
      • Wide frequency range.


    • Not so accurate power handling rating.
    • Distortion easily.


4. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime 6 x 9 Inch 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2

    • As a well-known brand in loudspeaker industry, Rockford Fosgate has always offered the users with outstanding music and sound options with a very reasonable price.
    • These R169X3 Prime models are made from a rubber surround system and vacuum polypropylene cones that help to improve the quality of bass and makes sound effects more accurate as well as clearer. The precision is also enhanced thanks to the Piezo tweeter and mid-range.
    • Designed with water-resistant materials, you will not need to be worried about the moisture or water spilled from the bottle.
    • The sound quality is particularly flawless with the help of a rubber surround system, meaning that it does not blast or break because of low-quality bass. Most of the people, in fact, does not require additional woofers or amplifiers thanks to the good output.
    • When it comes to price, this product is a good investment for any car owners with a tight budget as it just in the mid-range model.


      • Affordable price.
      • High-quality sound.
      • Perfect bass.
      • Well-designed speakers.
      • Water-resistant material.


      • Sound quality decreases with time.



5. Kicker DS693 6″x9″ 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

    • The DS693 of Kickers are very well-made car speakers. And these would be a good investment for anybody who is looking for a perfect pair of 3-way speakers that could handle a large amount of power at a frequent basis.
    • The sensitivity rating of these speakers is 92 dB, meaning that they are able to handle the RMS power of up to 70W. As 3-way speakers, they are designed with stiff polypropylene cones, which are backed by solid foam surround, to produce a more accurate response of bass.
    • If you just have a tight budget but also want to have a good sound system in your car, then these are definitely good options to take into your consideration.


      • Low price.
      • Clear and crisp sound.


    • A bit of distortion.
    • Complicated mounting clips.



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