Top 5 Best 6.5 Car Speakers For Bass 2020

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Among all of the speaker sizes in cars, the 6.5-inch model is probably the most common speaker available in the market. This unit plays a really important role in the stereo system in a vehicle.

These 6.5 speakers are basically designed to provide car owners with high-quality sound so that they can enjoy their driving time on the road. They often come in a set of two separate speakers. The smaller speaker or tweeter helps generate a greater level of frequency and minimize sound distortion while you are playing the music on full volume. On the other hand, the bigger speaker or woofer involves in emitting high-quality sound, with rich and deep bass. Therefore, buying a pair of 6.5 speakers is necessary to upgrade the performance of stereo system in your car.

With endless products that range in quality, price, and design from different manufacturers all around the world, choosing a good 6.5 speaker for your car can be challenging. Top help you make a good buying decision, we have made a list of the best 6.5-inch speakers of 2019, based on our first-hand experience and knowledge.

Top 5 Best 6.5 Car Speaker Recommendations 2020


Name Product

My Rating


Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker (Pair)

4.9 / 5.0

BOSS Audio CH6520 250 Watt (Per Pair), 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way Car Speakers (Sold in Pairs)

4.8 / 5.0


Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

4.7 / 5.0


4) Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series 6.5" 480 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

4.7 / 5.0

CellPyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System 5 / 2

4.6 / 5.0


Note: $ ($0 - $30), $$ ($30 - $60), $$$ ($60 - $100)

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Top 5 Best 6.5 Car Speaker Reviews 2020

  • This is definitely a perfect product if you want to make your car the second home. The 6.5’’ R165X3 Prime of Rockford Fosgate speakers provide perfect sound quality with incredible value. These units are designed with a vacuum polypropylene cone to improve the generation of sound in your car as well as ensure that the durability isn’t compromised.
  • To further enhance both of the features mentioned earlier, the speaker system has been made with a rubber surrounding. Also, thanks to a build-in tweeter crossover system, it is able to produce high frequency so that you can always enjoy your favorite songs when driving your car on the road. With such soothing and sweet and music, nobody will be tired during the journey as long as music is still playing.
  • Pros

    • Affordable price.
    • Attractive design.
    • Clear and loud sound.
    • Easy to install.
    • Durable materials.


    • Do not offer mid-to-low range.
    • Not enough bass.
    • Hard to mount.
  • The BOSS CH6520 is designed with a durable and resilient polymer called Polyurethane to maximize the flexibility and keep it last for a long time. And thanks to recent advancement, the average lifespan of foam surrounds in this unit often ranges from 8 to 16 years, which is a perfect feature for speaker users that want to have a large excursion.
  • The high-tech Mylar tweeter is generally able to provide a wider range of channel handling and sound modifications. Unlike a paper cone, this part has greater rate of durability so that it does not tear or rip easily under unusual frequency changes. Also, the speakers of this device are capable of elevated or higher fatigue properties and temperature strength, which would improve the efficiency and performance of heavy-duty playtime through higher operating temperatures and lower weight.
  • Pros

    • Durable materials.
    • Easy to install.
    • Wide range of channel handling and sound modification.
    • Good for large excursion.
    • High sound quality.


    • Thin wires.

3. Polk Audio DB651 6.5"/6.75" 2-Way Marine Certified db Series Car Speakers with Liquid Cooled Silk Tweeters

  • The Polk DB651 is probably one of the best car speakers in the market that worth investing in. As a marine-certified product, you will surprise with its ability and versatility for using in the harshest environments and different applications, including boats and off-road vehicles.
  • This unit features 6.5 woofers that are made from durable and high-quality rubber so that they won’t fall apart under moisture, hear, or stress. Also, with liquid-cooled dome tweeters, it offers accurate and sharp high frequency so that you can immerse in an enjoyable atmosphere of music while driving on the road. Therefore, the Polk DB651 is definitely a perfect choice if you are an audio enthusiast who always want to hear your favorite music.
  • Pros

    • Perfect sound quality.
    • Without distortion.
    • Easy to install.
    • Fit well with all doors.
    • Incredible vocal and perfect bass.
    • Can be used in different types of vehicle.


    • Grill cover design is not so good.
    • Narrow frequency range.
  • If you want to buy a pair of high-power speakers, then the Kicker 41DSC654 is a perfect choice for your car with a RMS power of 60W (120W per four-pack) and the highest power capacity of nearly 240W (480W per four-pack).
  • Thanks to a built-in coaxial, this unit is flexible to fit well with all car doors, which can enhance the sound quality. It also helps to avoid obstructing your car-window mechanism with thin-profile woofers.
  • Pros

    • Awesome sound quality.
    • Powerful bass level.
    • No noise distortion.
    • Great power capacity.


    • Low sound is not too good.
    • Wire connectors are not of good quality.
  • The Pyle PLG6C has been widely recognized as a high-quality unit that provides the perfect sound system with incredible detailing for the budget-minded. This product consists of a pair of 0.5’’-inch tweeters, a pair of 6.5’’ mid-bass speakers, a wiring kit, a pair of passive crossover devices, installation hardware, and grills, which makes it a perfect way to expand and upgrade the range of your car’s audio system.
  • The woofers are built with the butyl rubber to improve the auditory experience when you are driving on the road. Also, advanced engineering in this unit can offer the users with high range of frequencies, which are from 50 Hz to 5 kHz. This makes it incredibly perfect audio quality as it would be able to capture the low to high range sounds with perfection.
  • Pros

    • Reasonable price.
    • Easy to install.
    • Excellent sound.
    • Capture low to high range.
    • High-quality materials.


    • Tweeter casing is made of cheap materials.
    • Rather high sound.

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