Top 5 Best 10 Inch Car Subwoofer and Buying Guide

Most of the car drivers want to enjoy the deep quality of their favorite songs while moving on the road. And no matter how expensive or advanced the stereo system in their car, a subwoofer is necessary to produce the extra punch or bass, which is the foundation of modern music.

There is a wide range of subwoofer brands and models in the market, which is different in price, design, and feature. Among these, 10-inch models are one of the most popular units in an audio system as they are very easy to install without taking too much space.

To help you unlock the full potential of your music playlist on the road, this guide will make a list of the best 10-inch subwoofers available in the market these days, along with short reviews as well as pros and cons.​


Top 5 Best 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Recommendations

Image Name Product My Rating Price
Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)  

4.9 / 5.0

Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC 4 Ohm 10-Inch 250 Watts RMS 500 Watts Peak Subwoofer  

4.8 / 5.0

Pyle PLPW10D 10-Inch 1000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer  

4.7 / 5.0

Planet Audio AC10D ANARCHY10 inch DUAL Voice Coil (4 Ohm) 1500-watt Subwoofer  

4.7 / 5.0

BOSS Audio CXX10 800 Watt, 10 Inch, Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer  

4.6 / 5.0



1. Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)

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    • With a rigid form and a durable lead tinsel, the Kicker 10C104 subwoofer is going to be a long-lasting unit in the audio system of your car. The manufacturer has combined many impressive features with a good price so that most of the people with a tight budget can find it is affordable. In other words, it is the best balance between high performance and high value.
    • This product is designed with many of the updated innovations that you can see in most elite Kicker subwoofers such as high-temp voice coil wire, advanced perimeter venting, 36-degree back bracing, or injection-molded cone. Therefore, it is a perfect replacement for the factory system in your car with the ability to produce the exact bass quality that you expect.
    • Also, it is quite easy to install a Kicker 10C104 subwoofer as this unit is really versatile and is able to perform in sealed or vented enclosures, and also in any free-air applications.


      • Extensive range of frequency.
      • Long-lasting.
      • Do not need an enclosure.
      • Rigid construction.
      • Affordable price.


      • Quite low power.
      • No wiring option.



2. Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC 4 Ohm 10-Inch 250 Watts RMS 500 Watts Peak Subwoofer


    • Car drivers who want to enjoy big bass on their audio system should go for the Rockford Fosgate R2D4 Prime as it is able to handle an RMS power of 250W and peak power of 500W. Along with a mica-injected polypropylene cone, you can get awesome bass quality via this product.
    • By building in an anodized aluminum voice coil former on this unit, the R2D4 Prime is able to dissipate the heat during high SPL conditions to prevent the voice coil from melting the adhesive bonds. It is also made with tinsel leads to reduce possible shorting and fatigue, which might improve the overall performance and reliability of this subwoofer.
    • The manufacturer has designed this unit to conform to the CEA-2031 standards, meaning that you can use this subwoofer safely to handle the continuous RMS power. This is especially necessary when you want to match a subwoofer to the amplifier as the power rating is precise.


      • Various wiring options.
      • Affordable price.
      • Perfect bass.
      • Flexible to install.
      • Durable voice coil.
      • Safe to use.


      • Quite low sensitivity rating.



3. Pyle PLPW10D 10-Inch 1000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer


    • The Pyle PLPW10D is amongst one of the best car subwoofers in the market that is built with a huge punch for any bass lovers. It is able to produce high-quality music, whether in your car or at home thanks to the contribution of the foam surround, dual voice coil, and 50-ounce magnet.
    • You can use this unit for nearly all kinds of enclosure, including sealed, vented, or open-air. It features a non-press paper cone and a black steel basket that bring a sleek design to its exterior.
    • This PLPW10D model of Pyle can be connected to an amplifier via the push-down and spring-loaded speaker terminals, which allow the unit to power in no time.
    • For these features, this product is undoubtedly a versatile, clean-cut, and powerful subwoofer that you should consider for the audio system in your car.


      • Unmatched performance.
      • Perfect sound quality.
      • Durable.


      • The foam ring blow out shortly.


4. Planet Audio AC10D ANARCHY10 inch DUAL Voice Coil (4 Ohm) 1500-watt Subwoofer


    • The Planet AC10D Anarchy is quite similar to its 8-inch counterpart. This subwoofer features a dual voice aluminum coil with 4 Ohms so that the users can get more power and less resistance for the amps. But of course, that will depend on the way you wire it. In addition, one of the best features of the AC8D Anarchy is the ability to work well with sealed or ported enclosures so that you can enjoy the superior bass and sound quality, while still maintaining the volume.
    • As the unit is accompanied with two sets of input terminal, you can wire it to your amp in 3 different ways, including series, parallel, and independent. This gives a car driver more control over the impedance.
    • With the Planet AC8D Anarchy subwoofer, you do not need to purchase an additional pair of speakers to replace as it is able to work really with the factory-installed audio system in your car.


      • Various wiring options.
      • Good-quality sound.
      • Dual voice coil.
      • Affordable price.
      • Wide frequency range.


      • Not so durable.



5. BOSS Audio CXX10 800 Watt, 10 Inch, Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer


    • Even though the BOSS CXX10 is an affordable subwoofer, it might be a good replacement for the factory unit in your car that is able to produce crisp bass without breaking the bank.
    • This produce features a single coil with 400W of continuous power. It might not suitable for high-power applications, but it could be good for using with different single-voice-coil subwoofers to get various impedances that can match the amp.
    • In addition, you will have more installation option as the BOSS CXX10 is compatible with both sealed as well as ported enclosure. You should go for the former to have an easy build and the latter for a better SPL output.


      • Quite affordable.
      • Hit lows precisely.
      • Good sound quality.
      • Can produce mirrors thump.


      • More time to break in.


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