Are You Angry with Transmission Slipping in Your Car?

Any issues with the transmission would result in serious troubles or even permanent damage to your automobile.

However, there is no need to panic since you could prevent this problem by paying to the symptoms that indicate the slipping of transmission and finding out the possible reasons behind it.


In general, the gearbox or the transmission is made to make your car run more smoothly. They would be divided into various types such as automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

However, for those who have experienced any problems with the transmission, they will claim that it is not reasonable to replace or even repair it.

As a result, it is highly recommended to take care of the transmission of your car well, check the oil in engine, examine air filter and also have them cleaned frequently.

In addition, it is also important to take your car to a professional expert particularly after running for a long time or a long journey. If you are pleased to observe your car, there will be a lot of problems it would tell.

Most of the issues in a car could happen in the way you drive for every day use.​

Symptoms of Transmission Issues​

If you notice that your car is delaying the process of changing from the neutral to inverse gear or drive more than 1 second, the transmission would have a problem.

If on altering from a parking position or neutral to the inverse gear or drive, your car would not catch the gear immediately and run backward or forward, it also means a problem.

If you shift the gear and notice a clunking or shuddering sound suddenly, then there would be an issue with the gearbox as the shifting is not happening smoothly.


Another sign that you need to notice is that the revolution per minute (rpm) of the engine continues to increase but there is no rise in the car’s speed.

Also check if oil in the engine is leaked as it would damage the the transmission of your car.

If your car start to have noisy sounds, you need to examine the gearbox.

In fact, most systems of automatic transmission now have a light for checking the engine, which will shine if there are any problems with your engine. Otherwise, you would need to use a code interpreter to find out the problem.

When it is Cold​

If the transmission in your car just slips in cold weather, then there would be 3 possible causes.

The first reason would be that the fluid of transmission of your car is low and needs to be used some more. When it is warmer, the transmission works better since the oil in engine would expand under heat.

The second one would be that the transmission fluid has got old and needed to be replaced. Also make sure to use just the authentic fluid of transmission when you want to change it.

The third one would be that the oil in the engine has got contaminated or filthy, which also needs to be replaced. If it is filthy, then you would examine the filter and change it if necessary. Or you would clean the transmission, but remember to get all necessary information before begin to do this.​

When it is Hot

In some cases, you could see the transmission working properly in cold weather, but slipping in hot conditions. In fact, this indicates that the gear is not changed smoothly after you have used it for a long time.

Moreover, a slipping transmission when it is hot would show that the amount of transmission fluid might be low or it would have broken and needed to be replaced. In addition, remember to see the filter and notice whether it needs to be changed.

The ignition and system of wires would have some problems.



If the transmission of your car is slipping out of control, but the level of fluid and filter are all normal, then the gearbox would have a problem and need to be repaired or replaced.

If the transmission in your car is experiencing any problems, then you need to take it to an auto service. Remember to check the level of fluid in the car frequently and notice dirty areas to replace the filter if necessary. Inspecting your car regularly would always help you to prevent it from any serious damage.​

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