About Me

I am John Henry and I have begun to work in automotive industry since the 90s, specializing in car rebuilding and repair. After nearly two decades of working in this complex section, with extensive experience in repairing, troubleshooting and maintaining thousands of cars, I started to work as an auto blogger to share my practical knowledge as well as skills with car owners all around the world through a wide range of articles in online magazine.

For me, doing his own car maintenance, troubleshooting or repair would be very pleasant and rewarding. In general, not only would you save time and money having a mechanic done it, fixing your own car many times would help you to have a better understanding and thus use it more effectively. By reading and following my useful articles in this automotive blog, you could get the best pieces of advice and information built up from 20-year experience in auto industry. As a result, any car owners would easily handle either common or serious problems happening to their car as a professional expert.

If you have any questions about yourautospace.com, feel free to reach me via contact form or shoot me an email at yourautospace@gmail.com

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