9 Easy Steps to Wash a Car

In this article, let us have a look at nine easy steps that would present to you the proper and method to wash a car.

Do you notice that most usual practices of washing a car such as splashing water or soap to the outside of a car would, in fact, spoil the image of a vehicle? Fortunately, there is a much simpler and more effective way to keep the car’s appearance.

Thus, you should throw the dish soap away in your kitchen and start to learn the real way to make a car look pristine and clean.

Do not forget to wax your car of after washing.


Which materials you would need:

  • A plastic pail in 5 gals
  • A plastic pail in 1 gal
  • A grit guard
  • Wash mitten of Microfiber
  • Conditioner and shampoo for car wash
  • Drying towel of Microfiber
  • Highlighter marker
  • Power washer or water hosepile

Note: You could buy all of those necessary materials in any online stores.

The basic steps to wash a car

  • Step 1:

Using a highlighter marker to label “clean water” on the pail in 5 gals and “shampoo” on the other pail in 1 gal.

  • Step 2:

In the 5-gal pail with “clean water” label, you put the grit guard on the bottom part of the pail and use the water hosepipe to fill it with 4 gals of water. The grit guard would make sure that the dirt or debris left in the pail will not mingle with the water which is used for wash mitten of Microfiber.

  • Step 3:

In the 1-gal pail with “shampoo” label, you add four capfuls or one lbs of shampoo or soap for washing a car wash soap/shampoo.

Shampoo and conditioner for car wash and fill it with one gal of water.

  • Step 4:

Take the hosepipe and wash your car thoroughly with clean water to remove debris or dirt.

  • Step 5:

Take wash mitten of Microfiber and dunk it into the 1-gal pail with “shampoo” label.

  • Step 6:

You would use the wash mitten of Microfiber for most parts of the car. In general, they would get dirty if you use the wash mitten. Thus, be sure that you put it into the 5-gal pail with “clean water” label to eliminate dirt and then continue the application.

  • Step 7:

Wash the car with clean water by using the hosepipe.

  • Step 8:

Take the drying towel of Microfiber and use it gently with the car to lower the risk of spoiling. Next, you should wring the towel out whenever it is wet and continue to make the whole car dry.

  • Step 9:

Impressed at your achievement, a nicely washed car. And then tell all of your family members or friends the exact place that you learn the useful guide to wash a car.

Now when you have known the simple way to wash a car, keep forward and thrive.

Come back and then tell us how you do it. Thank you for your reading.


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