7 Common Reasons for Overheating in Your Car


Some Things is Leaking or You Forget to Check The Cooling Liquid

Antifreeze or cooling liquid is a combination of ethylene and water which is applied in motors to lower the freezing point as well as increase the boiling point of liquid in the car.​

Low amount of cooling liquid could be due to leaking in the hosepipe system which allows the cooling liquid to move to the motor. Thus, you should check the car and solve this problem if happened.


Another reason for leaking is the shortage of proper process of repairing or maintaining. Thus, you need to make sure the level of cooling liquid is adequate by checking the cooling system regularly with reach oil replacement or before taking any road trips in long distances.

The Motors Need More Air from The Cooling Fan​

The radiator or cooling fan is often made in the front of the radiator (sometimes in the back) so that it could blow more cooling air to the radiator.

In fact, replacing a cooling fan is often complicated, so the only choice left for you is probably taking it to an expert. Nevertheless, if you are good at mechanics or reparing, then you could get information in our blog and solve the problem yourself.​

The Thermostat Do not Let The Cooling Liquid Through​

In general, a thermostat is used for 2 purposes: the first one is to prevent the cooling liquid from reaching the engine when it is cold; the second one is to open a space so that the cooling liquid could reach the system to ensure the motors do not become too hot.

A thermostat achieves this by adjusting the temperature of the motors and then opening the space when the motors turns to around 200 degrees. In general, when this device faces a problem, your car would work normally in just a few minutes and gradually turn to be hot.​

 There is a Chain or Belt Needing to Be Changed or Examined

There are 2 kinds of belt that would need to be examined.

Timing chain and belt: The function of the timing chain, gear or belt is to make the crankshaft in the motor in time with the camshaft. In fact, this would allow the camshaft to shut and open the valve in proper time so that the motor would work most effectively.



Winding belt: This is a long and single type of belt, which is often used for driving the water pump amongst a lot of other elements. A water pump is important to keep the motor working effectively in cool conditions.​

In general, you could notice if a problem happens to the belt before lifting the hood as there would be an irritating sound each time the motor works. The belt is often examined and changed with daily routine. When this task is done, the problems would be rarely happen unless it is fixed too tight or too loose.

The Radiator is Not Running Appropriately​

A radiator is mainly used for exchanging and transferring the heat through a narrow fin. In general, most types of radiator are manufactured from aluminium and normal damage could generate breaks, which make the water and cooling liquid to flow.​

Thus, whenever you notice steam coming from the motor, it is pouring from the flow in the radiator. Always remember that a motor gets overheating as it is too hot, so you should wait until the motor cools down before taking anything.

 A Water Pump is not Working​

As mentioned above, a water pump helps the cooling liquid flowing between the motors and a radiator. It is definitely the most important part of a cooling system as it allows all the appropriate flows of liquid to move.

When a water pump is not working, the cooling liquid would stay in the tank and the temperature of the motor would increase rapidly until it gets overheating.

You Neglect The Light of Low Oil​

This last reason would seem ridiculous, but it happens often when your car is shortage of oil. In general, oil help to lubricate all smashing, mashing and rumbling parts of the motor which run the car.



Without oil, those motors start to moving against each other, which increases the temperature of motor to dangerous point. In fact, there is no way, even cooling liquid, to stop the damage resulting from the shortage of oil in your car.


For many mentioned reasons above, overheating is always one of the most common and annoying problems happening to your car. However, with a little information, you could lower the risk of having an overheating vehicle. In fact, the most useful tip could be to be sure that your car is always in good condition.

Whether you have a mechanic or do this task yourself, always make sure that you spend enough amount of time to check the problems with your car as this could help you to save a lot of time and money for reparing in the future.​


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