5 Strange Sounds That Need to be Checked

If you hear any odd or strange sounds from the car, it would need to be repaired by a professional mechanic.

In general, latest models of car are getting better than ever before, but they still require frequent maintenance.

However, a lot of car owners do not realize a necessary repair till some problems appear, especially the strange sounds of their car.

You are definitely used to the normal sound of your car, thus any strange sounds need to be examined carefully by a professional mechanic.

More regular and louder the sounds are, the more urgent your car needs to be checked.

Find out the possible answers to those 5 common strange noises happening to a broken car.

1. Screeching and Squealing While You Are Braking​

This sound often means that the hardware of your brake is wearing out, leading to an inappropriate release of a pad and excessive noise as well as heat.

A couple of car brands also make an indication device for brake wearing, which sends out a screeching sound to warn if you need to change the brake pad.

By doing this, you could be sure to brake quietly and safely without leading to any damage to the car.

How much money it would cost: Expenses could be greatly different depending on the model of car, the expert you have and the needed repair. In general, this number could range from 150 to 400 USD for each axle.

If the rotor is warping, wearing out or breaking down, you could pay more money.​

2. Rumbling or Sputtering Sounds from The Bottom Part of Your Car

If there is any louder sounds in the bottom part of your car than usual, then the exhaust system would have a hole. However, repairing this system could be as easy as fixing a separated pipe or changing a silencer.

If you would hear a rattling noise while sitting on a stop light or stop sign, which sounds similar to shaking a container of rocks, then the catalytic is probably broken.

How much money it would cost: You just need to pay about 100 USD if this is a simple task. However, the range of repairing expense is depending on the issue.

Changing to a new catalytic converter would cost from 150 to 600 USD or even up to 1500 USD for a couple import models of car.

3. Grinding While You Are Braking​

If you notice a grinding noise while you are using force for the brake, it indicates that something is moving against the rotor or the pad is not changed timely. In other words, the rotor needs to be changed and there is no pad left.

Thus, you need to solve the problem as soon as possible as delaying the repair would lead to more possible danger and damage for both you and the car.

More specifically, when you neglect the grinding noises, the brake would break the hydraulics or caliper.

How much money would it cost: As mentioned above, expenses could be greatly different depending on the model of car, the expert you have and the needed repair.

The estimated number would be from 300 to 1000 USD each axle, which is a rather small amount of money to pay to make sure your car stops safely.

4. Squealing or Chirping Sound from The Bottom Part​

In general, the belt of a car helps to transfer the energy generated by the engine to various parts such as the alternator, energy steering and air conditioning. After using a period of time, this belt could wear out and lead to a squealing noise.


When you run your car at first, it would generate even louder sound. Moreover, the chirping and squealing noises would be more serious if you turn the air conditioning on.

The belt is a cheap part and simple to repair, thus you should have it examined at the first sign of the issue.

If you avoid a belt maintenance, it could break and lead to more serious problems for the cooling system of engine, energy steering, system of charging or even the whole car.

Do not try to run the car for any further distance when the belt is breaking because it could make your car to overheat and result in more damage in the engine.

​How much money would it cost: Changing a belt before it leads to other harm could take you from 75 to 200 USD.

5. Roaring or Humming Sound While Running Down a Road

Old tires in a car could generate a roaring and humming sound while you are driving, but it would also mean a more severe problem such as a terrible bearing of wheel.

The simplest for a car owner to tell the difference between 2 problems is to the wheels back and forth a little.

If you hear the variation of the sounds when your car is moving, then there is high possibility that the bearing is broken.

How much money would it cost: The price of a new tire differentiates greatly depending on model of car, design and application, so you should look around and go for the best option.​


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